Middle East

The Middle East, in steam terms consists of photos in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey. These are areas where steam lasted until the 1980's. Contrary to poplar opinion, this part of the world has amazing scenery through which steam trains once travelled.

nswgr 59 turkey steam loco

In a country with grand scenery to burn, the Elâziğ to Tatvan line stood tall. Relying on the moderate capabilities of ‘Middle Easter’ Mikados to shift tonnage in this area, the line hugged dramatically scenic river valleys for much of its length. 46221 is seen in the Murat Gorge at Palu.

Turkey is a country that is part Asia, part Europe, and it attached to the middle east by virtue of its borders with Syria and Lebanon. Very popular with rail fans from around the world, it was for a time relatively easy to travel in and take photos. It was a steam paradise with massive gorges, coast hugging lines, and a variety of attractive locomotives. Not to mention the spectacular countryside.

lebanon syria steam train golan heights
The line fro =m Damascus in Syria to the Lebanese border made for great scenery, but was very sensitive militarily following the 6 day war in the Golan Heights in 1967. Some brave souls managed to get the photos of the ancient steam trains climbing towards the border.

The line from Damascus to the Lebanese border was particularly scenic and particularly interesting to the military. Despite this, the photos were worth the effort.

Some would say the Hejaz Railway in Jordan was the jewel in the crown as far as middle east steam trains are concerned. This is a country of abandoned castles and roman ruins beyond what is imaginable in other parts of the world.

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