The dark continent consists of many countries, all with interesting histories. As Europeans raced to colonise, a mixture of French, British, Italian, Portuguese, and other influences ensured a wide variety of steam locos.

15A steam loco rhodesia zimbabwe where there's smoke

Rhodesian 15A on Victoria Falls line May 1976

Considered by many the land of the Garratt, these locos operated in Algeria, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania), Botswana, Zaire, Angola, Mozambique and of course South Africa. It was perhaps due to the often inhospitable terrain and amazing hills that these large engines proved their worth in this part of the world.

mozambique 14a garratt rhodesia steam loco train where there's smoke

Ex Rhodesian 14A hauls the express past Edmundo between Beira and the Rhodesian border in Mozambique. June 1975

All of the photographers contributing to Where There's Smoke spent considerable time in this part of the world, resulting some outstanding photography, sure to satisfy even the most fastidious of observers.

15F Tzaneen South Africa Steam loco where there's smoke

A 15F hauls the local passenger on the magnificent Tzaneen line in the north of South Africa

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