Are You Selling Ice To Eskimos?

I have seen many posts and articles about the money being in the list! As an internet marketer with lists built over the last 6 years, I am well aware of this. Fortunately for me, when I send out a broadcast email, I usually get at least a few sales. This article will give you […]

Call Me Crazy!

John here, and today I want to share something that is important to me right now! You see, I have been on line for over 10 years, and making money for the last 5. I am sure you have seen all the sales letters and emails. A few people are making millions, while the rest […]

I Put Jonathon Budd’s MLM Launch Formula To The Test

The Background I have been pretty successful in my on line Network Marketing ventures. After studying Traffic Formula with Mike Dillard some 4 years ago, I put it all to work and refined it with material from Armand Morin’s Internet Marketing Explained a year later. These are still the best two trainings I have purchased […]