Anyone Can Sell – Once They Overcome Their Fear!

There was a time when I was afraid of selling. When someone asked for the price, I would start thinking of all the reasons they wouldn’t buy from me! Like so many, I wondered why I couldn’t get the sales others did. As I am an innovator, I set forth to find out why, and […]

How To Evaluate A Business!

Thank you for visiting our site, and for your interest in being your own boss. Is This Where You Are At? Pretty much everyone these days could use some extra money, and many people have figured out that winning lotto is a strategy that has little chance of success. Even so, billions are gambled on […]

Have You Had A Defining Moment?

In an effort to assist you on your path to success, I have been feeling the urge to let you in on a little secret – one which every successful person has experienced. It is what makes the difference between struggling to survive, and moving forward to $1,000 a week or more. It is a […]