Google Cancels My Adwords Acount

Yep. Finally the google slap has hit me in the face. After 6 years as a loyal advertiser, they took exception to a couple of landing pages, and summarily suspended me. No discussion, no redress, just bye bye! Of course, I knew it would come one day. After all just about every name internet marketer […]

I Am Not One To Brag But…

I just returned from the National Conference of one of my Network Marketing companies. This one was in Canberra, and we won the trip, which was great. So what was special about this year? The owner of the company attends our events every year and usually, he doesn’t say much to me. This time he […]

Call Me Crazy!

John here, and today I want to share something that is important to me right now! You see, I have been on line for over 10 years, and making money for the last 5. I am sure you have seen all the sales letters and emails. A few people are making millions, while the rest […]

Niche Marketing – How To Separate Yourself From The MLM Mob!

If like me, you are using the internet to promote your network marketing products and opportunity, you will soon come across a common challenge. Thousands or even millions of distributors in your company are competing directly with you for customers. A new resource by my friend Eric Van Der Hope provides absolutely everything you could […]

Review of PPC Domination

I am going to be posting reviews of products I have purchased, or trialed on this website. It might be a good idea for you to take the RSS feed as it just might save you thousands of dollars spent on programs that are a waist of time! Personally I have been very selective in […]

Why We Fail To Reach Our Goals

Yes, folks, it’s true. Most people never reach those lofty goals they set themselves in Network marketing, let alone any other business! If you have been reading my articles, by now you will be aware that in my opinion, MLM is like any other business, with one exception, the capital start investment is miniscule! In […]

Network Marketing – It’s Not The System!

It is the first day of August and I have just experienced an amazing month in my business. Yesterday was totally insane with 4 new distributors joining just one of my groups. Despite the gloom and doom out there, my business is booming. Better still, a few more of the leaders in training are starting […]

MLM – How To Win Reward Trips

All Network marketing Companies offer incentives. If yours doesn’t change companies! These incentives are designed to encourage certain actions, usually recruiting and business building that will lead to long term growth of your business. The question is how can you reach these targets and start travelling the world with your MLM paying for the trip? […]

Have You Had A Defining Moment?

In an effort to assist you on your path to success, I have been feeling the urge to let you in on a little secret – one which every successful person has experienced. It is what makes the difference between struggling to survive, and moving forward to $1,000 a week or more. It is a […]

A Personal Development Course Disguised As A Business!

I know some of you have quit building your MLM business, or slowed to a trickle. When you consider the benefits of our industry, I have no idea why anyone would do that, but it happens. If you slowed down because you don’t think the product works, there is not much hope for you. You […]