How To Guarantee Your Success In Network Marketing!

I know, there are no guarantees in life, let alone in business, but there is a way you can be successful building a network marketing business that removes the roadblocks and uncertainty. We go into business to add extra income to our family budget, how much we want is different for everyone. The motivation is […]

So You Want To Make Money In Your Own Business?

First let me introduce myself. My name is John Gaydon and I live in Kariong, one hour north of Sydney, Australia. We live sandwiched between some beautiful bushland where abundant wildflowers grow year round, and some of the world’s best beaches. My wife and I have a 3 year old daughter, and just extended our […]

My MLM Success

There are so many people touting how wonderful they are in their Network Marketing business, that many are getting skeptical about the claims made. Of course, I am not like that, and I don’t publish anything that I can’t back up! I thought I would list my achievements in my current gig, so I made […]

Get A Real Job!

By John Gaydon How many times have you heard this! Why would anyone wish for a life filled with uncertainty, where a single action can net millions, and you have time freedom to do what you want, every moment of every day? Why would anyone want to be in a position where they take paid […]

Network Marketing – Using Contests To Increase Your Business

By John Gaydon December is traditionally a slow month for me. This year, I decided to play Santa and run a contest to increase the number of orders. Here I detail how I did it. It is something anyone with a list can do to increase business. The Contest Everyone who purchased from me in […]

My 2010 Predictions

By John Gaydon The past year has been a challenging one for many of us. There have been major shifts in world finances that have affected almost everyone. What does this mean, and what am I doing about it in 2010? I share my ideas as to what will be important for continued success in […]

Follow Up – What Do You Do Once You Get Prospects or customers?

By John Gaydon Prospecting Isn’t The Only Important Task In Building Your MLM Business. If you have spent any time in Network Marketing, you will know that the number one challenge facing all of us is finding people to talk to! Solutions range from the 3 foot rule where you hit on everyone who comes […]

My Network Marketing Journey

I joined the Network Marketing Industry 12 years ago. Back then I was nowhere near the six figure commission income I enjoy today. Watch me as I share my journey of success from the spectacular Rocky Mountains National Park. Watch for more in this series where I share many of my insights into MLM success […]

Making Great Videos

By John Gaydon Part of my MLMCAS training is the production and use of Videos to complement your marketing efforts. I know like everything else this is a big learning curve, and there are many elements involved in successful video marketing such a distribution, use of keywords, titles, etc. Here I give you a few […]