Why Am I Sitting On The Beach At Hamilton Island?

As we relax in our 14th story hotel room on luxurious Hamilton Island, it is once again a time to reflect on the great things of Network marketing. Here I am at Sails restaurant overlooking the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. This is truly paradise on earth! We won this trip, the 4th with one of the […]

Are You Looking To Rank Highly In The Search Engines?

I want to let you in on a secret I have been guarding for a few weeks. My SEO History For years, I have dedicated much of my time to cracking the code to search engine traffic. You see “liquid zeolite” alone, as a search term has over 8,100 searches a month on google. That […]

Oh My God – We Won Another Reward trip!

One of the best fringe benefits of a Network Marketing business is the free trips to exotic places. We just found out that Linda and I are going to Hamilton Island, the jewel of the Whitsundays on the Barrier Reef in May. How We Did It! Using my techniques on the internet, I have managed […]

Blogging – Be Careful What You Post!

Those who read this site know that I spent the latter part of last year putting my MLM Customer Acquisition System together. While this represents a huge body of work and practical ways to market anything on the internet, there is still more to do before I release it. For those of you following this, […]

Follow Up – What Do You Do Once You Get Prospects or customers?

By John Gaydon Prospecting Isn’t The Only Important Task In Building Your MLM Business. If you have spent any time in Network Marketing, you will know that the number one challenge facing all of us is finding people to talk to! Solutions range from the 3 foot rule where you hit on everyone who comes […]

My Network Marketing Journey

I joined the Network Marketing Industry 12 years ago. Back then I was nowhere near the six figure commission income I enjoy today. Watch me as I share my journey of success from the spectacular Rocky Mountains National Park. Watch for more in this series where I share many of my insights into MLM success […]

“How To Build A Bullet Proof Customer Base To Ensure Your MLM Success”

By John Gaydon Introduction Over the last 12 years, I have built 4 successful Network Marketing Business to the point that I earned over $2,000 a month in residual income. I have experienced success with several other companies, but not to this extent. During this time, I have been lost in confusion on many fundamental […]