Life Mastery – A Review Of Book That Has Changed Lives

Those of you who have visited my blog, know that I am giving away free copies of my book, “Life Mastery – how to achieve it” to anyone who subscribes. What you may not know, is what this book contains! I thought it time I gave you some information so you can decide whether to […]

How To Evaluate A Business!

Thank you for visiting our site, and for your interest in being your own boss. Is This Where You Are At? Pretty much everyone these days could use some extra money, and many people have figured out that winning lotto is a strategy that has little chance of success. Even so, billions are gambled on […]

My MLM Success

There are so many people touting how wonderful they are in their Network Marketing business, that many are getting skeptical about the claims made. Of course, I am not like that, and I don’t publish anything that I can’t back up! I thought I would list my achievements in my current gig, so I made […]

Last Night I Had A Call From Steve!

By John Gaydon Yes, it is true, Steve rang me just after dinnertime. Who is Steve? I never met him. You see, his wife had a Tarot reading with me some 13 years ago, and fortunately, I recorded it for her. I have since moved on, preferring developing courses and mentoring people to really change […]