Would You Have Tom Cruise Over For Dinner

Warning: If You Eat Meat, You Won’t Want To Read This!

There was a controversial TV ad in Australia where Naomi Watts playing a young girl, receives a phone call telling her she won a dinner with Tom cruise. As it turns out the family was having Roast Lamb for dinner, so she turned down the offer! I am pretty sure Tom never gave permission to use his name in the ad, hence the controversy. What has this to do with me. After all I am no Tom Cruise. Read on and find out.

Click Here to see the ad.


Diamond And The Lamb Roast

We have a dog named Diamond. We got her from the animal shelter. She is a really lovely dog – except she runs away whenever I approach her. The good news is that she chases balls (a first for us). I asked for a dog that chases balls, but didn’t expect an obsession! She chases till she drops. She has been in the family over a year, and all that time, I could only give her affection was when she is on a lead. Other than that she runs away.

Now I know it probably means some man hit her or mistreated her, as she has no problems with females. I mean, she was really placid until she bit the electricity meter reader. That was a good thing as they had been here time after time messing with the meter. I now understand why power prices are so high given the time they spent here!

We Are Animal Lovers

You can imagine over the years having 3 mentally handicapped dogs, that we love animals. This extends to the meat we eat. Back to the Roast Lamb

My wife has long been a campaigner against live sheep exports. The way they are sandwiched into giant boats, with the lights on 24 hours and transported across the world to the Middle East is not good for animal welfare. As much as possible, we prefer free range meat. Mind you there is so much deceptive labelling it is no longer a joke. Check it out next time you buy meat and you will be amazed what goes on!

Anyway, the industry body took the time to phone my wife and tell her a big load of spin to try to stop her protests. Fancy that her voice caused so much trouble!

Linda’s Live Export Song

Linda is so passionate about all this that she recorded a song after a huge scandal last year about live cattle exports to Indonesia.


We Still Eat Meat

Our 6 year old is a bit of a carnivore! Last night we decided to eat a roast lamb for dinner (without Tom Cruise – he wouldn’t come)! Apparently sheep are left free to roam in paddocks unlike pigs, chickens and some cattle. That makes us feel better!

Anyway after dinner, I collected all of the left over vegetables including peas and broccoli, plus some meat and gravy and gave them to Diamond for dinner. She scraped every last pea from the bowl. Did I tell you she eats tons of vegetables! I think she liked it!

Today – A Miracle

This morning at breakfast, the impossible happened. Diamond came up to me and let me pat her, not once but several times. This is the breakthrough we have been looking for since we brought her home over a year ago. The Roast Lamb did the trick and now she is my friend.

The Moral Of The Story

To tell the truth, I would rather have Diamond be my friend than have Tom Cruise over for dinner! Personally, he doesn’t do anything for me anyway! Patience and perseverance win in the end. I think I read a post on that recently. As for the live exports, we will continue to campaign until this barbaric practice is stopped.

Please leave a comment with your favourite animal story, or what you think of live meat exports!


  1. As for the carnivore issue, I do respect the fact that everyone has their own opinion, research and beliefs on this. I’ve been a vegetarian for many years, but don’t require that my friends and associates fall in line with
    my choices.

    Industry standards are a whole different matter, and that’s where intervention discussions must be engaged in.

    But the real story here for me, is the great bond that you and Diamond have forged. That’s really what it’s all about.
    David Merrill recently posted..Blogging For Dollars | Earn While You LearnMy Profile

  2. I am very much curious on Tom’s reaction being dump over a Roast Lamb! hahaha Good for me I’m not fond of eating meat. Many would love meat but I’d rather not. And it can give me a great advantage after all, right? Have fun with animals! 🙂
    Stevie Smith recently posted..Are You Satisfied With Where Your Website Currently Ranks?My Profile

  3. Hey John, lovely article. First off, let me fess up, I did not watch the video. I know bad stuff like this is happening, it’s 5am here and I don’t need to start my day off watching something that’s going to upset me. That said, thanks so much for caring! And congratulations on your break through with Diamond! I am a life long dog lover and I can imagine how you must have felt. My little adopted dog Lucy shadows me everywhere I go and loves all the petting and holding she can get, and I’m afraid she’s quite spoiled – but I love her dearly.
    marquita herald recently posted..Adaptability: The Key to Adjusting to New SituationsMy Profile

  4. John,

    I haven’t eaten much meat lately, just chicken and fish. I used to love hamburgers and cheeseburgers but we do have to be careful and not overindulge. Meat takes a very long time to digest and can get impacted in the intestines if we eat too much along with excess carbs and fats.


    Dr. Erica
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  5. lol… they did not ask for permission to use his name, wow! My folks have a dog that was abused and is very “guin” shy… even to the point that thunder scares her and she has to be on anxiety medication. It really disturbs me on how cruel people can be for the all mighty buck.
    Nile recently posted..Social Media Successes: Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion of Feast of FunMy Profile

  6. John,

    Poor Tom, nobody wants him over for dinner. So sad. LOL!

    Persistence in anything we do is the key to success. Diamond just needed some time to understand that your heart is in the right place, even if you are a male.

    Thanks for the fun lesson!

    Rick Lelchuk recently posted..Things That Go Bump in the Night and a Tool to Uncover Ones PainMy Profile

  7. i’m old enough to remember the ad well john, i wouldn’t have thought that it was controversial ? as a big meat eater and ex butcher, even i dislike the live animal export industry. the four corners expose really set the issue into the minds of all australians. changing the cultural habits of the customers will be very hard, but we should control the sale of our meat. good luck with your animals, it’s time to throw the ball 🙂
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