The Dilemma Of Retirement – Why Everyone Should Look At This

Yesterday, as Christmas approaches, the company I work for was kind enough to provide a new pilot program designed to support “mature” workers to map out their future. There are a number of lessons from this that I thought I would share with you.

Very Important Information

Many of the aspects discussed are those I have been writing about for many years, particularly related to health. In essence, Waiora offers the essential components of a healthy diet. AIDS is possibly the most extreme disease. It comes from a weakened immune system making us susceptible to any bug that comes our way. Normally our immune system’s cope with this, but when immunity drops, sickness and disease are the result. Building a strong immune system is now considered by many experts as the key to good health.

Why Waiora Is Key To Vital Health

Apart from regular exercise, a positive attitude, reducing stress points in your life, eating well, and fostering healthy relationships, it is clear that what we have at Waiora fits exactly with what the body needs to age gracefully and minimise disability and discomfort as we age.

Natural Cellular Defense is key to this as it is a master product at removing toxins from the body. Results with many people show that if you don’t do this, your body deteriorates faster. The product is proven by research and testing.

Megadefense provides the food for the immune system. It is a carefully formulated blend of natural foods, plus a little Zeolite powder, and over time will build up your immune system to much stronger levels than otherwise. This gives you a high resistance to sickness and the effects of aging.

Superior Fiberblend provides ample fiber to keep your bowels working. Bowel Cancer currently kills 25% of those who contract it. Fiber is seen as key to preventing this. Rotting food in the bowel is a major health challenge.

The important factor here is that most of us as we near the end of life will have some period when we are not fully functioning. On average this is 10%, or 10 years if you live to 100, which is a long time to be a vegetable! Using NCD, a Fiber product and Megadefense will greatly reduce this period.

Securing Your Financial Future

A great deal of time was spent on money and ways of using your “nest egg” to maintain income after retirement. The bottom line is that it is estimated a couple needs $732,000 in Superannuation by the time they retire to maintain a decent lifestyle. This was a shock to me, as I have nowhere near that, due to my career choices. My question is, will you, with your current retirement plan? If not, you should consider this.

For a comfortable life, you will need around $4,000 a month at today’s income levels. Now we can live on less than that, but that is what our Australian government estimated. You can get a pension to cover part of that, and beyond the basic level the government will give you a 50% pension for up to $2,860 a fortnight for income earned.

What This Means

The basic pension is $644 a fortnight for a couple. Your first $284 a fortnight earned in additional income does not effect your pension, so you can add that. Now you have $928 a fortnight, or $24,000 a year. You can earn up to $2,596 a fortnight on top of this, but your pension payment is reduced $0.50 for every dollar earned. For example, if you wished to earn $40,000 a year, you would require additional income of $32,000 or $2,667.00 a month.

I know this is complicated, but the bottom line is that a residual income from your Waiora business gained from educating people on how to stay healthy well into retirement, using simple solutions, can provide what you need to be financially secure. $2-3,000 a month is very achievable, using an education model.

What I am Doing.

Simply put, I can’t imagine stashing away $732,000 before I finally stop working. Unless I win Lotto it simply isn’t a possibility. If you have a huge Super Fund, then this won’t apply to you. For me, and everyone else, we will need a residual income stream to fill the gap. My chosen path is doing this by educating others to live longer, more active lives, and Waiora is a key element of this. It can also provide the financial support we require.

Putting effort into this over the next few years can secure you financially. The company is over 10 years old and is solid. They have paid out every month for that time, and I am very grateful for what this company has done for me.

So, consider this. I will be gathering what I learned this week, adding it to my already extensive knowledge on health, nutrition, lifestyle and staying young, and putting together a presentation you can use to educate others about how to prepare for the future. Simply share this with as many people as you can, get them to look at the reality of what happens if they lose their health or their income stops, and offer them a solution for both – Waiora.

Together we can change many lives, and reduce the financial stress inevitable for those who do not have a plan B for retirement.


John Gaydon

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