Raising Consciousness In The New Millenium

In 1986 my life encountered a major turn which has defined me ever since. After attending a weekend seminar and a series of rebirthing sessions, I saw the world from a totally different perspective. Now I am a practical man, having been a technical expert all my life, but I saw things differently after this event. I am not religious, but I do believe we, and our planet, have a vibration or consciousness, and the way to a happy life is to connect with this on a deep level.

Now this is all well and good, except there are physiological things that stop us from achieving this. If your body, the temple of your soul, is toxic, you can’t vibrate at a higher level. To give you an idea how it felt for me, immediately after I accessed this part of myself, I felt I was floating above the ground, my body had lightened up that much. Eventually this reconnected me to natural health, and getting my body into a pure a state as possible. But there is a catch. Something is holding many people back, and it is not their fault.

It’s Often Physical

You see, when I first heard of Activated Liquid Zeolite, I rejected it. It was not something I was looking for, and the stories seemed too fantastic. Eventually circumstances compelled me to try it and start recommending it to improve people’s health. Talking to one of my colleagues over lunch yesterday, I realise it has a more important effect that simply better health.

One of the most common reported effects of taking this particular product is the lifting of brain fog. Most everyone notices they can think more clearly and are less affected by all of the crap pushed by TV news and advertising. I wonder why? The answer was obvious, so why didn’t I think of it before.

It Is Hard To Reach Higher States Of Consciousness When Your Body Is Poisoned

This product gets to your cells and brain and physically heals them. The toxins it takes out of the body dull the mind and make it much harder to raise our vibration. I don’t know whether this is a conspiracy or not, and I don’t care. This is what many people report. So once you take the product for a few months, suddenly your brain clears and you can think properly again.

To me this means that I have something more important that I realised. Raising awareness is key to changing the planet and keeping it habitable. It is the answer to those forces that would have us follow their rules at our expense. Therefore it is important that as many people as possible gain a new awareness.

An Important Message

With this in mind, I am working on building an army of people to get this message out to the world. In this way we can make a huge difference. More aware people can change everything. Without Zeolite it is very difficult.

So here is my message. Take Activated Liquid Zeolite and remove the brain fog that inhibits access to higher consciousness. Pure and simple.

Contact me at john@pems.com.au if you want to know more or go to http://detoxzeolite.com and request our white paper.


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