Karise Eden, Our Friend Stars In The Voice Australia

Many of us seek our 5 minutes in the spotlight, but few get the opportunity. Karise Eden of “The Voice”, is a girl we have known for a while who now has that chance.

The Folk Club

When we moved to the Central Coast many years ago, my wife, Linda dreamed of being a singer.

With Guitar in hand we went down to the local “Troubadour” Folk club run by Frank and Marilyn Russell, and Cec Bucello, owner of the “Peninsular News”.

In those days we all used to sit around in a circle and sing a song in turns. There were violins, squeeze boxes, banjos and all manner and level of performance.

This evolved into the current “Troubadour” which meets once a month and features some amazing artists. We have seen Fred Smith there, singing his folk songs from Afghanistan, including the well known “Dust of Uruzghan”. Along the way, Linda has performed at many Folk Festivals and other venues around the Central Coast and Beyond.

We are grateful for the assistance of Frank and Marilyn and their support over many years.

What Has This To Do With “The Voice”?

Good question, isn’t it! So here is the connection. Frank and Marilyn, being very kind people, have been partakers of the “Aunties and Uncles” program for many years. They have two “Nieces” they have looked after, Amy and Karise Eden. Over the years, we have seen these two young ladies develop, and noticed Karise started performing with their group, the “Usual Suspects”.

When I first heard Karise do a rendition of “Me And Bobby Magee”, I couldn’t help feeling she resembled the real Janis Joplin. This girl fully embraces her music and has that charisma we all look for in a performer.

So it was that we heard on the grapevine that Karise was auditioning for “The Voice” in Australia. As she commenced her song, “Its A Man’s World“, the judges immediately spun around and all wanted to work with her. It sent chills up my spine to see this young girl get her chance at fame and fortune.

Lessons From Karise

In watching “The Voice”, there are some interesting observations relating to our ability to experience success. First, those who “perform” on the show, don’t make it. It requires feeling the music in the body, and emanating the energy that produces.

It requires enjoying yourself in the moment and disregarding what is going on around you. Winners are able to ignore reality!

We have watched a young girl, encouraged by her mentors, develop into her own personality, and then take that unique quality to make an impression with some high powered celebrities. Like it or not, take your natural talents, develop them as far as you can, and go out there with confidence, and anything can happen! This is the way to fulfil dreams. Those who don’t believe in themselves are condemned to a life of mediocrity.

My hope is that this will inspire someone to believe in themselves and go beyond their self imposed limitations.

In the meantime, vote for Karise Eden and help her realise her dream as “The Voice” unfolds.


  1. Hello John

    Stories like this can inspire people to go beyond their limitations. Your observation relating to our ability to experience success reminds us of the principle behind success in in endeavor. You summed the success experience in these words, “take your natural talents, develop them as far as you can, and go out there with confidence, and anything can happen! This is the way to fulfill dreams.”


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City
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  2. I don’t usually wait reality shows. However, I have seen some of the shows that do involve talent and singing. I sometimes tolerate those shows, but sometimes I see that the winners really are not that great and do not do much. I think out of the American Idol series…. non-winner Daughtry did loads better than even people like Carrie Underwood and a couple others who actually won.

    I think the difference is a person’s passion and drive. You will succeed with practice, perseverance, and overall, lots of work.
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  3. Hi John. I liked the way you painted the picture of using your passion. Successful people do not care about what is going around them. They are focused, believe in themselves and block out any negative thoughts or words said to them. This singer is a perfect example of being successful. We can see it everywhere we look. Even on a T.V. show.
    I like to observe people who “stand out” from the crowd. I find that they have the qualities of living in the moment, having a healthy self esteem, and being totally focused where time doesn’t matter.
    Thanks for the enlightenment.
    Donna Merrill recently posted..What To Do When You Experience “Overwhelm”?My Profile

  4. Hey John, I liked your post, thanks! People to get sucked into fear, and they loose all of their faith and strength. If a person has talent…. they should embrace and nourish it! Never let someone else get in the way of your dreams. Believing in yourself becomes easier when you face fear head on with confidence and a positive outlook!

  5. Thanks for sharing Karise’s inspiring story. We all love those stories where people break the mold of our preconcieved notions, huh? I confess I normally don’t watch reality shows of any kind, but once in awhile there will be someone who touches us all so deeply, and gives us that little bit of extra hope. Thanks again,
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    • John Gaydon says:

      Thanks again Marty.

      I am not such a big fan of reality shows either. When you have a personal interest it is different though. Karise has made it to the finals, so it is all very exciting for her. I had nothing to do with it all, although you never know how you influence others, but I feel good about it!

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