Gratitude Taken To A Whole New Level

The film, “Pay It Forward” was a sensation as millions were awed that the idea that helping others has a rippling effect that can change the whole world. There are many examples of helping others gaining world wide attention, such as the Aussie “hug” guy who ended up on the Oprah Winfrey Show in front of an audience of millions. Clearly those who give without thought of receiving, can change the world.

When considering universal principles, the idea of caring without thought of reward is a constant theme. How do you tap into this energy? The answer is through gratitude.

A simple process of expressing 10 things you are grateful about morning and night can change your attitude 100% from negative to positive. When we focus on what is good in our lives, we simply get more of it. This is Universal law.

What Has This To Do With The New Level?

Well, Theuns Serfontain, a South African, thought up this great idea of a board game that teaches Gratitude. His idea is that as people express their gratitude more, they will become better people, and this will lead to a better world. It is an idea of great merit.

Help Theuns With His Dream

Right now, Theuns and his partner Steve, have a unique opportunity to pitch their Gratitude Game to some of the big players including Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. These are people who can make it happen if they really like what is being done. The catch is they need $19,000 by February 17 next. Yes, it is a tight deadline, but I have seen focus and intention move mountains before. By me writing this post, I am joining thousands who are spreading the word. The goal is to make the world a happier place.

You can help by syndicating this post to your networks, or donating towards the project yourself. You can do this at where you can learn more about the project too. Heck, just visiting the site will make it more popular! Get your friends there as well.

One more thing you can do is to write a post similar to this one, sharing your thoughts as to why becoming more grateful is of benefit to humanity, and supporting Theuns in his effort to teach this through a board game.

So what are you waiting for. The ball is in your court. I wish Theuns and Steve all the best in their quest. You know about it, so you are involved and about to see a miracle unfold!



  1. Hi John,

    It is great that you help this project to be successful. I think that it is worth the investment as it is a great idea. Thanks!

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