Building Your Network Marketing Business Through The Internet

internet waiora marketing system, mlm waiora, ncd, megadefenseSince I joined Waiora back in 2006, I have built my business principally on line. Now I don’t recommend this, as it has its challenges, such as how to maintain touch with your team, but these days, if you have a product as powerful as Natural Cellular Defense, building a customer base using the internet, definitely helps your business grow.

All The Eggs In One Basket

There is a challenge with building on line. Because you end up with a geographically diverse group, it is more challenging to build that group camaraderie. I know these days, we rarely travel anywhere, whereas in the past, I used to be on the road constantly, for new leaders, the personally touch makes it so much easier to get established.

I would suggest you work with a small group of local business builders, run meetings, do three way calls, and joint presentations to new prospects. It really is the fastest way to grow an organisation, even today.

The other challenge on line is that you are in competition with the whole world. It is possible to rank highly for keywords. Your website traffic comes from a variety of sources built up over a period of time. The alternate is to advertise extensively. This is time consuming, and or expensive, but worth the investment in the long run.

Where The Internet Shines

What is great about using the web as part of your marketing mix is that it does most of the education for you. The system I use and will customise for my team members, provides a point of entry where your prospects can get the information they need about why the products are needed, and what benefits they may expect. It covers Science, Research, and Real Life Experience. The message is compelling to anyone who is open minded.

How To Use It

My recommendation is that the marketing system I have developed is extremely powerful when used correctly. It records your prospects and categorises them into the different functions of your business. You can then keep in touch by email to each group separately. This is fantastic if you have a client base and is guaranteed to get your more business.

You can harvest people from on line activities, or get your clients and contacts to visit the website and leave their details. This is by far the best way to use the system.

What Happens Next

Once registered, they will receive a series of messages providing everything they wish to know about NCD or Megadefense, spread out into a couple of weeks. Most of us can only digest one thing at a time, so it is very efficient. As well as this, prospects are directed to a sales page which contains great information and several opportunities to purchase the product. An additional choice, and the one I find is most used, is to get back in touch with you.

The major benefit again is that all you have to do is encourage people to register, and then the education is taken care of for you. You can even include your own story or reason why you like the products.

Ongoing Benefit

As your list grows, you can send specific emails to your list informing them of special offers, complementary services, articles on the subject area, etc. This where the real Gold lies. I have people from as long as 7 years ago re-engaging simply because I have kept in touch with them. In fact this happened just a couple of days before I wrote this piece.

The Big Picture

I have prepared a video which takes you through the system and how it works. It is around 20 minutes. If, after digesting all this, you would like your own version, contact me at or skype john_gaydon and we can talk about setting you up. If you are not already a member of Waiora, you might like to start by going to and filling in the form. You can then see first hand how this all works.

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