Scratch My Back And I’ll Scratch Yours

You have no doubt heard of the law of reciprocity. This is one of the psychological tools used by marketers to get their potential customers committed. Basically, if I provide something to you for free that is valuable, you will feel obliged to do something in return.

So What Has This To Do With The Title Of This Post?

Well, a year or so ago I joined a syndication tribe, the TSA (Tribe Syndication Association). Chances are if you are reading this post you may be a member. If you aren’t, why not join the TSA. Basically it is a group of people looking for more people to read their blogs. It can get very lonely out there at times! We are all there to support each other by reading and syndicating the content of each others’ blogs.

Why Would You Do This?

First it means that a few people read your posts, and your efforts aren’t completely wasted. Next, the more visitors to your site, the more comments you get, and the more the word is spread, the better the search engines favour you. Third, we get to make new friends who can help us in our efforts to get a message out, become business partners, or provide encouragement and inspiration to keep going towards our dreams. It is practical, and it works!

What About The Title Of The Post?

Here is my offer to you. I regularly monitor comments on my blog. These days I get quite a few thanks to TSA! If you leave a comment with a link to a legitimate blog, I will reciprocate and comment on one of your posts. Who knows, if I like it I may syndicate it to my 3,500 followers on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook. I will do this even if you aren’t in the TSA, although as a member, others will see your comments, and if they like them, will go over and take a look at your site! This is good for everyone.

Dave, Dawn and Kim, who operate the TSA, do so with a servant’s heart. They truly practice reciprocity only asking a small amount to make sure serious contenders join the group. They spend hours making sure contributors provide quality content and adhere to good business practices, and offer a range of free training that will help you take your blog to the top. Your posts submitted to the TSA system could reach over 553,000 people who follow the members! That is a lot of people seeing your content.

Pay It Forward.

It gets better. You join TSA and recommend it to others. TSA members comment on your posts and tell others. If you have something really great, it can go viral and all of a sudden your traffic explodes. I have blogs in very narrow niches with over 140 visitors per day. I can teach you how to do that. By participating in a mutual tribe such as TSA, you can rid yourself of loneliness and start getting quality traffic. Eventually that turns into business for you, and it is all for giving to others!

A motto of TSA is “Share The Love”. It works just like the movie, “Pay It Forward”. When we do kind acts for others, they pass it on and eventually it all comes back to us as abundant lifestyle.

What You Can Do?

You can start by commenting on this post. Leave your thoughts about reciprocity and paying it forward. I will reciprocate by leaving a comment on your blog. Join the TSA. This will connect you with over 100 like minded people who are all moving their blogs to the top of the search engines. You will also learn the skills you need for success from other members. I wish you the success I have had and even more. While my sales are a mere $150,000 a year using the internet, it is a start!


John Gaydon


  1. I just love the title of this blog, in social networking this is exactly how it works, it’s about back scratching;))
    And the more you do it the more you receive.
    I would add that together with the law of reciprocity it is about the law of attraction, like attract like and this multiplies to create miracles, trhough love and no effort.

  2. Hello John

    The Law of Reciprocity states that all transmissions of energy result in a return of energy in like kind. John what you describe in this post is very real. Before joing the TSA my blog traffic and comments were nil. Once I started reading post and syndicating the number visitors to my blog increased. These benefits increase because you learn from reading these post. You also meet new people in the TSA. Through the TSA I met you and have learned valuable information from your post.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

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