Marketing Local Businesses

Over the last few years, everyone has discovered the internet. In the old days, it wasn’t so.

I remember when you could blast an email list you purchased and get sales. Put in a landing page, and hundreds would fill in the form. It was easy to get your page ranked and simple too!

Well, times have changed. Now everyone is on line, everyone wants that top search position. There have been countless course by countless gurus promising the world. Every day now, I get an email from some SEO company in India promising me more business. Now they are even calling web owners to solicit business.

Why Local?

If you run a business, or market for one, you will see that it is simply not that easy to get a popular keyword ranked in a country or the world. Fortunately for us, Google, of all people, have come to the rescue in the form of Local Search. Google+ Local gives business the opportunity of only competing with other businesses in their area. Well sort of! Getting ranked involves a whole host of activities, and then if you want people to contact you, it requires a whole lot more skill. Thus, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on supporting Local Businesses.

What Businesses?

I started out with Scallywaggs Gymnastics, a local kids gymnastics and Kindergym facility. Quite simply, I had heard about them, went on line and couldn’t find them. When I took my daughter for her first class, I asked the probing question, “Do you find people can’t find you on the internet”? A few weeks later I started promoting them on line and now if you look up “gymnastics central coast NSW” you will find them in the top 3 Google Maps listings. Along the way, we redesigned their website, and they are very happy campers.

Another of my clients is the Rosary Bed and Breakfast Guest House in Grafton. This is a small Bed and Breakfast with 7 rooms. This is run by a friend, so I offered to work on their site and once they start rolling in the customers, will get a lead fee. Google has been driving me nuts as they take time to make any changes to the Local listings, but in the meantime they are ranking for some of their keywords.

My latest client is David’s Tyre And Auto This is a full service mechanic who is looking to expand on line. He has been my mechanic for 20 years. For this client I set up a new lead generation web site, and I am now in the process of promoting it.

How Do You Do This?

Well, there are a number of things required to get noticed.

  • Citations
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Pages to promote the business and services
  • Backlinks (hint – this article is creating backlinks to all my customers!)
  • Directory Listings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Banners
  • Logo
  • Tracking Phone Number
  • Working out which keywords to rank for

As you can see, it is not just a matter of putting up a web page, and each element of the process requires optimisation. Fortunately, I have some special software to help.

The Results

In the end what you will see when you search for a mechanic in this area, is a number of pictures, reviews and video testimonials, giving a glowing reputation to my clients. Who would you go to, someone with all of this, or someone with nothing at all?

If you are thinking of a new career path, local business marketing, although it takes a lot of work, is a great way to go.

If you have a local business, and would like to get noticed and develop a 5 star reputation, take a look at some of my client’s site, and get back to me. I can assist anywhere in the English speaking world!

John Gaydon



  1. Hey John it’s John haha! – I found your post VERY helpful. Thank you, I’d like to share something I myself came across that has proven to be SOOOO helpful. – I couldn’t believe the power in it! Kim taught me some crucial principles from a different perspective focused on customer retention. Start Recruiting Your Customers and KEEP Them Once You’ve Got’em!

  2. Marketing local businesses is really important and many of the small business owners I talk to think it is so hard and so expensive. However, it does not have to be if they are willing to even just invest some time to putting information out about their business online.
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