I Interview John Haremza, Top MLM Trainer

john haremza waiora network marketingRecently, Business From Home, recognised as the authority for measuring success in the Network Marketing industry, published a member poll of the top MLM trainers. There are over 35,000 Network Marketing leaders who participate in this site. John Haremza featured in the top 35 trainers in this poll. John is the master distributor of Waiora, and is a sought after speaker in the industry. He has earned a crazy income from Waiora during the last few years.

This call was done for our leaders, both new and old, to provide insights into what it takes to get to the top. It makes interesting listening for anyone wanting to taste a high level of success in Network Marketing.

I have been with Waiora for 7 years this week. They are a company that have looked after me better than any other I have been involved with. I stay with them because of this, the outstanding products that provide amazing results consistently, and of course, the income it provides for my family.

As you listen to this conversation, I believe you will see the ingredients to success, and what you need in a company to make it with confidence.

So enjoy.


If you are already a member of my team, and have any questions, please contact me at john@pems.com.au Of course, if you are not and would like to join us, email me as well. I will call you wherever you are and we can talk about the possibilities for you to generate that residual income which alludes so many in this industry.

To the top,

John Gaydon

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