Internet Marketing And The Death Urge

Hey, I am not talking about the death of Internet marketing here. This article is about marrying the principles of metaphysics with the skill of marketing on line.

First Some Background

It is hard to believe it was over 25 years ago that I was introduced to the concept of the death urge. It was during a “New Age” weekend where I experienced energies I had been previously unaware of. I credit the death urge concept to Leonard Orr, a metaphysical teacher from San Francisco known in our circles as the father of “Rebirthing”. This was all so long before the internet!

We live in a finite world. They say there are only two guarantees in life, death and taxes. I know Mohammad and a couple of other people are supposed not to have died, but even Jesus died, according to the Bible and other writings. You may be an immortalist, but there is a distinct possibility you will get old and eventually leave the planet for good.

How The Death Urge Works

When we are young, death is something that doesn’t concern us much. After all unless we take a lot of drugs, or do crazy things, we are statistically not likely to die. With no responsibilities, or family, we are often prepared to take risks. This can be great for us, and if things don’t turn out, we bounce back and go again.

As we spend more time on the planet, we tend to collect things. Family, Kids, Career position, reputation, cars, houses, etc. Now if something goes wrong, we have a lot to lose. This colours our decisions. We take fewer risks, and as a consequence have less success. Eventually every time we start something new, we think about all the things that can go wrong.

A Constructed World

I am here to tell you that if you feel like this, it’s not your fault. It is a construct of the marketing, advertising and insurance industries to lock you into a thinking of scarcity. There simply isn’t enough to go around, so you have to act now or miss out forever. Sound familiar?

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

You probably know that entrepreneurs are people who keep trying things until they get a winner. This is how people become successful. They keep innovating, learn from their mistakes and one day they just might hit on something amazing.

Often it is something insignificant like Velcro, liquid paper, the safety razor, or a biro, some of the most successful inventions the world has seen. Most of these are technologic advances on existing ideas. If their inventors believed every invention was the end, we simply would never had been able to experience them.

The Economics Of Death Urge

When I studied Economics in University, I was taught that the world has a scarcity of everything. Commerce is based on supply and demand. If there is not enough to go around, the price increases. This is very true in marketing but it equates in a different way. The more value assigned to a product or service, the more people will pay for it. That means setting it up so that if you miss out you will lose big time and if you participate, you will be showered in everything you ever dreamed of. Value changes all the time and the early innovators certainly clean up.

Magic Bullets

You know I am not a great believer in this one. For the most part, the same direct selling methods used in the 1920s by such greats as Ted Nicholas still work. The delivery methods have changed, but the process hasn’t. This means that next time you hear of the newest fad, Social Network, or viral marketing scheme, remember that tried and true techniques are the best way to travel. They may be less effective than before, but they are still effective.

What To Do Now

If you are in Network or Internet Marketing, understand that your desire to move on may be due to death urge. You may be thinking this is going to end soon. That will kill your business. Unless the operation closes down, I would be inclined to think “how can I grow my business” rather than starting again.

All great businesses go through many cycles. The winners stick with what they love, and consistently shout its praises. Others are inspired and follow along or purchase and recommend your products. Letting go of those thoughts that it has to end will take you a long way towards outstanding success in life and on line.

Remember this when death urge kicks in and you feel you have to make changes now or it will be too late. The only time it is too late is when you are in a pine box, and at that stage it really doesn’t matter!

Let’s live life 110%, stay optimistic, and work towards building our dreams. It is a life of passion, fun and success.

Apply this information and watch your business soar!


  1. John…I like the ending of your post. You spelled it out vey clearly at the end. what ever your hand finds to do…do it with all of your might.
    Martin Casper recently posted..Shut-up and Listen!My Profile

  2. Great post. One of my mentors taught me a simple phrase, which stuck in my mind, FTF, first thing first, which keeps you focused in what we love to do and are good doing it. I will always remember the last statement of this post “Let’s live life 110%, stay optimistic, and work towards building our dreams. It is a life of passion, fun and success”. You are fantastic, thanks.
    alicia@yboggle recently posted..Vacationing on the Emerald IsleMy Profile

  3. Great message here John! So many people are “conditioned” to hold on to things, live in a box, do what they are told to do. As an entrepreneur my whole life, I was called a rebel ha ha. What I do works. But life is change and as the world changes so must I to be more effective as a human and as a businesswoman.
    There are no magic bullets but they are cycles. In business, we must not get discouraged and tell ourselves “this is the end of that.” But rather go with the flow, keep on learning and most importantly challenge yourself. That’s what keeps me going and feeling vibrant.
    Donna Merrill recently posted..What To Do When You Experience “Overwhelm”?My Profile

  4. John, nicely done!

    I see this everyday and no matter how we coach others into sticking with the one thing they found a passion for as the foundation of their business. Then just add new creative ways to generate revenue while still sharing their passions and showing others to do the same. Hey, if along this lifetime journey one finds away to create a product that helps all of use, great. Until then do not make a great deal and panic as though the world is ending.

    Just living a positive motivating life is not enough. The only time people feel this as you made a good picture of. Is when they have nothing to do. They have too much time doing nothing except dreaming. Yes, we need these dreamers but with action.

    You do not need to stop doing what your passionate about as your business. You need to be surrounded by ideas and passionate people. You keep your surroundings joyful and create daily adventures. Hey, look for just one person to increase their hope daily. You will start to see beauty and the ideas will manifest into being. Your business will be enriched beyond your limited imagination.

    John, your truly one of our greatest coaches and visionary in this amazing industry. No limited thinking is the way to have a real lifestyle. Just do things that you love and have a passion for. Your never go wrong and be one of those people being spoken above.
    William Amis recently posted..Your Crazy, Check YourselfMy Profile

  5. You have a unique personality and I assure you that if you contunue in your strides you will excel in this industry
    Kristen recently posted..Earning $5000+ is not hard as you think.My Profile

  6. I was flipping houses for a while…lots’ of stuff to go wrong in an RE deal…

    I saw others doing more deals than me so I sought help…and was told that I was too smart for my own good…those others didn’t have anything to lose, I did, so I tended to really over think the transactions.

    Great post…
    Tom Bradley recently posted..MLM Success Not Just About The Tools…3 Tips To Make Your Tools Deliver As PromisedMy Profile

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