You Won’t Believe The Difference TSA Made!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I put a lot of effort into providing quality content. You may also know that a little over a year ago, I took the plunge and joined the Tribe Syndication Association (TSA) because a friend said this was a great way to get noticed!


The Results Are In

OK now I have not used other methods of building traffic yet, so you can say that the figures are a direct result of my involvement in TSA. What I do each week, is comment on 7-15 blogs and syndicate the content. In fact if your post was syndicated by everyone in the program you would reach around 500,000 people! That is ½ million who know about you and if your headline is good enough, may read your material!

You will see that my Alexa rank is about to break the 1 million mark. Go to and take a look at your site and you might be surprised how good it is to get near the million. I am rising with a bullet on this one.

My blog has a google PR of 3. I can tell you that it takes a lot of love to get past 2 in PR. Now others love it when they get backlinks from me! Their comments have more juice because of the high PR. Google gives you extra brownie points when indexing your site.

Somehow I have accumulated 8,484 backlinks! I used some other strategies on another blog which was supposed to provide abundant backlinks, but after 3 years I have only about half this amount. Backlinks are an important part of SEO.

What Do You Think?

You can see from the above that my site is rocking thanks to TSA. I admit that I have been a bit unfocused with the keywords I wish to target, so my next task is to work out exactly what I want to appear on page 1 in the search engines and start optimizing copy. I did this on other blogs and have some very high rankings in competitive niches as a result. Of course, if you type in john Gaydon, you will see my sites all over the search engines!

If you are in TSA, this will hearten you. Now you know that it is worth the effort, even if it takes a while for your blog to take off. If you aren’t and you want to get noticed, better join! In a year you could be seeing these results or better, especially if you laser focus your site on the niche you wish to rank for.


The above chart shows the number of visitors (red) and number of pages viewed (blue) for the last 12 months. Clearly this is trending upwards. The blip around August was when I didn’t complete my quota of syndications and comments for a week and I was heavily penalised by being left out of the program for three weeks. If anything, this really shows the power of TSA.

Where To From Here

It is pretty obvious if you want to get noticed on line, make new friends, and learn a lot about how to do all this, TSA is a great place to be. There is a small set up fee, but apart from that the whole thing is free! Dave, Dawn and Kim put incredible effort into the whole system because they know that their benefits are outstanding. Let’s face it, all of us are happy to make them famous and “pay it forward” so to speak. It really is a win/win situation.

So, let go of all those blog systems that encourage you to buy a bunch of products or are there to line the creators pockets with wads of cash and join the TSA community. You will be amazed how much you will learn and who you will meet. It may even be your next business partner, or who knows a life partner if you are looking for one!

TSA rocks.



  1. Hello John

    Like you I have found TSA to be a fantastic experience. I have been amazed at the people you meet in the TSA. It was through the TSA that I came to know you and learn sound principles to building a business. Each day the time spent reading and syndicating blogs is like being in a class, you always take something new.


    Perry A Davis JrMusic City

  2. Kostas Chiotis says:

    TSA is really great I have been a member of TSA only for a few weeks and I have already seen the difference, of course as Nile said it is more than just the traffic and the stats on my blog, it’s the engagement with so many different bloggers who actually have the same goal, this alone is a reason to join the TSA tribe…

  3. I think with the connecting and engaging, I find it a lot more rewarding that my stats. However, I watched several friends who were in TSA before I joined, including Kim Castleberry and saw the merit. About half a decade ago, I ran a comment exchange community. It was large with over 1500 bloggers. What happened was that each member twice a week got an email with links to 3 random members to comment on. So… 6 sites total. It was on the honors system, but if someone failed to comment, you had the option to report them and their account could be put under review after 2 reports. I found that people did not find much incentive in that and that is because no one told these people why they should comment on someone else’s site. They saw no value after a while.

    TSA is a good community and definitely helps, but I really enjoy reading everyone’s post, learning, and engaging.

  4. Hi John,
    thanks for this visual demonstration I think it is imprtant fro newbies in TSA like myself to uderstand the value of visibility and learning hiwl sharing comments and recieving comments back.
    I still need to learn how to use key words ( something I’m lazy to do as I’m a passinate blogger and coach) and backlinks to my site and other sites, where can I learn to do this,in an easy way using TSA’s resources? Can you give me some tips? Thanks anc congratulations!

  5. Hey John,

    I have been with the TSA now for about one year as well … one of the best moves that I have made for my blog and for my online business.

    It’s not just about the commenting and syndicating each others work, although that is a fantastic part the the TSA community. Being part of the TSA also enables us to learn from each other and to grow off of the success, and failures from each of our experiences.

    I’m glad that you are a part of the the TSA community John and I hope to continue to read your blog and to mutually benefit from building our relationship.

    Thanks for sharing John,


  6. John,
    I was JUST about to write a post about the TSA! I love seeing the metrics of your experience with the TSA.

    I just checked out my Alexa Ranking and I’m at 317,415- not too shabby!

    I need to work on the backlinks. Although, as I mentioned in another comment, I’m always very hesitant to use backlink companies because I worry that they’ll get my site penalized by Google.

    This is also why I prefer TSA over automated Tribe Syndication. I feel like I’m getting far more quality traffic to my site 🙂 Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing more metrics from you a few months from now to see the progression!

    By the way, when I went to Alexa.Com to look at my rank, it also showed my demographic readership. It’s exactly what my Target Market is. Guess I’m doing a good job of attracting my niche ; ) You should check out those demographics as well, pretty neat stuff!


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