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gavin bragg zeolite ncd waioraOK, he is not a household name yet, but a young friend of mine has proven the effectiveness of article marketing as a way to build influence and an income.

Gavin is not one to bragg, although it is his surname, but over the last few weeks I have seen some amazing results through marketing a few articles on a website belonging to some friends of his. He gave me permission to share this, as you will have to find your own methods of distribution as this one is taken!

Article Marketing Works

For many years, I have been advocating using well written articles as a means to build a business on line, or anywhere for that matter. I invested a large amount of money in a copywriting course and it would have returned more than anything else I have done in the last few years. There are skills to a good article, such as well researched facts, headline and linking all the paragraphs together to keep people reading.

If you look at Gavin’s article http://bit.ly/12UshNt and study it, you will see how compelling and well written it is. Part of my copywriting training was to examine successful material and learn from it. You can definitely learn from this piece.

The Story

Gavin has written 3 articles for Wake Up World, and published them there. The last one received nearly 3,000 views in 48 hours and has been syndicated to many places. This one article resulted in 40 enrolments into Waiora, the company he and I are involved in. While this is incredible, and proves article marketing works, I want to point out a couple of things to you.

Lesson 1

The response depends not only on your article, but competition and a timely message. Millions of people around the world are getting sick and aging prematurely due to unknown sources. In Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite, we have a way countering the cause of many of these conditions, environmental toxins. The cause is proven, it is just that most people don’t know it until we point it out. Right now, not too many people are talking about this, which means the first to do so will be handsomely rewarded. There are literally thousands of blogs and publications out there that will respond to your messages on this topic.

Lesson 2

A single message is not enough. This one was the third in a series distributed monthly. The first two, although compelling, did not have the same effect. A series always works better, providing the information is relevant and interesting and you engage your audience. It is like a TV series. Incidentally every TV show has a hook at the end to get you to watch the next episode and often a hook before each ad break. You can learn a lot from studying this.

How Do I Do It?

Personally, I have been doing this type of marketing for many years. It has provided heaps of income for me, and made me many friends. Gavin really gives this validation. Here are a few tips for distributing your own articles.

  1. Press Releases – Send your article to Newswire and it will be widely distributed. This is a paid service. When you have an exciting announcement that people want to hear, a press release can be picked up all over the place resulting in thousands seeing your article.
  2. Article Directories – Places like ezinearticles.com are a great place to submit articles. There are many others. You can spin articles. Replacing words and phrases to develop many unique articles from one good one. If you want to do this, you will need to exercise care to make sure they are readable.
  3. Guest Blogging – Find blogs with large audiences and ask their owners if you can contribute. Many will welcome new content. Each posting can add thousands of readers to your list.
  4. Video – When you write an article and put it on your blog, create a small video to advertise it on youtube. A great video will be seen and then those people will come to read your article.
  5. Social Media – Log your articles on Social Media. Tweet or message about any success you have. Get your friends to share the information through their circles.
  6. Consistency – Like it or not, this is the real key to success. I have proven over time that a message every 2-3 weeks to your circle of influence will give you sustained response. Most people take time to absorb a new concept. Repeat messages do this.

Where We Are Headed

Gavin and I are building a large Network Marketing business with these methods. We have what I believe is one of the most important products available. It is not just another supplement for once, and I have seen many of those in my time. We are on a mission to teach people how to purge the toxins that dull our minds and senses, and are a cause of many modern conditions.

The effect of toxins on humans is one of the most talked about topics right now. Articles with solutions are going to be read and acted on.

I hope you enjoyed this information and that it made you think. Article marketing is not dead if you have the right information delivered to the right audience and are in a position where your story is new and fresh.

Join The Fight Against Toxins

I would love you to join Gavin and myself as we spread the important message that on an individual level we can do something to mitigate the effect of our toxin environment on our own health. That is our mission.

Contact me at john@pems.com.au if you would like to know more. You can find out information on Zeolite at http://liquidzeolite.com.au

John Gaydon

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