Optimized Blog Content So Easy Your 15 Year Old Daughter Can Do It!

We all know that optimizing your blog content helps get you found on google. Getting that page one ranking is a combination of authority, content and back links. Whichever way you look at it, the quality of content on your blog is very important with regard to ranking on the search engines.

For quite some time I have been using the free tool, http://articlejockey.com to create search engine friendly articles. While this is good, it doesn’t really cover all the bases. It mainly looks at keyword density and suggests synonyms.

SEO Kahuna Breaks Through

Recently I started down the road to local search marketing using Google maps. This is an exciting new area for me, and so far those companies I have approached had no idea why they were not being found.

The reason in most cases is that they simply don’t have all of their internet activities co-ordinated, and their websites simply are not optimised for their main keywords.

The Right Search Terms

This is a subject for another post, but like it or not, keyword selection is critical to success. Once you select a set of keywords you want to be found for, then it is time to get to work and let Google know. The way to achieve this is to optimise your posts, and then syndicate them through article marketing.

I have seen companies rank for some really nice looking terms no one searches for, while missing out on others with high search numbers. Using the google keyword tool, you can type in a website and see what keywords they are ranking for. Once I know this, I can get to work doing an SEO makeover on their blog.

What To Do

SEO requires a number of factors. You want your keyword in the h1 header, h2 and h3 header, alternate text for an image, a keyword phrase in bold, have it in the first and last sentence, have the required density, and a few other things. It really is a lot to remember!

Great New Software Solves The Problem

Recently I have studied local search marketing. This has led me to revisit my SEO training and get up to speed with the latest developments. One of the great tools I discovered was a plug in that tells you how your blog posts are optimised for SEO. This takes the guesswork out of optimizing posts, giving you the best chance of success.

I have recorded a video demonstrating how this works. It is brilliant. You write your article, post it on the blog and then use SEO Kahuna to optimize it. You can get a cheap license for 3 blogs, or an unlimited one to install on all your client’s blogs. Now you can train your outsourcers to optimize articles, or even your clients!

Watch The Video Below

Optimizing Is Very Important

Believe me, if you were to optimize every bit of content and target it to specific keywords, you would get heaps more traffic. I suggest you use your main keywords as categories, and then long tail keywords as the title for articles. That way each of your articles adds to the credibility of the category. Include a link to the category in each article, and you are starting to unleash a powerful strategy for SEO.

I trust you enjoyed this. If you would like to know more, click here.


  1. Jeffrey Sooey says:

    Thank you for the tips and the video. I learned a lot. I think it is important to know these information to get the response that you are looking for. I hope to apply it to my blogs at the soonest possible time.

  2. Hi John!
    I’m just barely getting started online and oh my gosh does it seem overwhelming! I’ve bookmarked this post so I can go back to it and start to apply this… eeek! Thanks for posting this:)


  3. Hello John

    A website is very important for any business with an online presence and for all the businesses that dream to reach immeasurable heights of success. Search Engine Optimization helps enhance your website ranking and your business ultimately. For me your video demonstrating how to use SEO Kahuna to optimize blog content helps me see that even I can improve my blog SEO. Taking the guesswork out of optimizing posts, and getting the best chance of success is an excellent benefit.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City
    Perry Davis recently posted..What might be the most important idea of the “now” and “next” of network marketing ?My Profile

  4. Just the thought of having to change hosts gives me an upset stomach. I had a bit of a scare a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t the host. It was cPanel. cPanel had a major update for all their clients, and a technician broke the installation, cause all the host companies to lose their ability to host for about 10 minutes. Longest ten minutes of my life!! LOL That aside…

    Thanks so much for putting information about SEO in an easy to understand format. People new to blogging want to understand SEO easily, so this is a great entry point for them. I thought about using SEO Kahuna, but I found another tool and am not sure if I want to use it or SEO Kahuna. I’ll be making the choice soon. Great post, John!
    Christi Johnson recently posted..When Your Public Person Doesn’t Match Your Private One – What Then?My Profile

    • John Gaydon says:

      Thanks Christi,

      Yes, losing your websites is a scary thing. Now I have quite a mess as I move databases and everything else while trying to stay live. One of my blogs dropped from nearly 300 hits a day to less than 100 in a week. I am hoping it will recover soon!

      As for optimizing posts, it is a fairly simple formula. It is just that this plug in makes sure you take care of all of the elements. I have learned that your content should be interesting and entertaining first, then tweek to get more traffic!

  5. Hey John, great tips and video. Sorry to hear about having to change hosting co’s – that can’t be fun! I’ve been thinking about approaching a few local businesses for the very reason you outline … what I’m seeing here is a lot of small business have claimed their Google Place, but don’t zip with it, and some of the info is really outdated. It’s not something I’d want to do full time, but I’d love to help a few of my fellow entrepreneurs on island at least get the ‘basics’ under control so they can get the attention they deserve. This looks interesting so I’ll definitely take a closer look. Thanks!
    marquita herald recently posted..Are We Losing Our Ability for Playfulness?My Profile

  6. John,

    YOu said: “I have recorded a video demonstrating how this works. It is brilliant. You write your article, post it on the blog and then sue SEO Kahuna to optimize it. ”

    Why do you want to SUE the company if you like their product so much?

    Also, you said I should watch the video about the product in your article, but there is no video.

    Also, I notice you don’t have CommentLuv Premium like most other members of TSA. That will help get your more comments and also help your rankings.

    Good Luck!

    — Jupiter Jim

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the feedback. Not to bore you, but I had to change all my hosting last week, which has been quite a challenge. I have changed “sue” to “use” and put the video in place so you can see it now! As for commentluv, my old hosting company didn’t support it for some reason. I will give it another go now I have moved on.

      Seriously, thanks for the feedback. Without it, I would have gone on blissfully unaware I was upsetting readers!

  7. Search Engine Optimization is great, but always make it natural and more human. I have found that a lot of people over-optimize and it really tends to take the passion and voice out of an article. There are many different strategies out there that work for different people. One guy tried to tell me I should make my header smaller… after the fact I had already gone through a big design change. The smaller logo still did nothing for my SEO as I had actually gained PR with Google a month prior to that gentleman contacting me.

    So, some people can get away with oddball cases, but their content REALLY has to shine through.

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Nile,

      Yes, you are right. It is important to not ruin a good story for the sake of having google like it!

      I refer to write my articles, and then do some minor tweeks to get the SEO right. It is the best of both worlds if you want you material found on Google. Many of my articles are not optimized at all, as they are on subjects I am not looking for rankings for.

      The internet is always a juggle between good practice and remaining real!

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