Applying The Free Model To Network Marketing

If you are up to date with the ramblings of top internet marketers, you will know that their business model has switched to providing free content with a paid coaching program. Jonathon Budd hinted at this with some of his programs, and Frank Kern has been using it for a while.

Armand Morin takes it to the extreme where he gives away 3 day training course and then focuses on income from coaching clients. In the internet marketing world, if you are not doing something for free, you are out of the game.

What About PPC?

When you look at Facebook, youtube and the life, they made their reputations on outstanding free services. One by one all of these have added advertising, but many of us have our ads rejected. It seems that what these giants are looking for is FREE content fuelled by paid advertising! The model to adopt now, is to conduct a free webinar and advertise it on Facebook, Google and the like. I even have a way to drive tons of 3c clicks to a web site using google, providing you send them to a page Google likes.

But Network Marketing Isn’t FREE?

Well, that’s true. Companies that do offer things for free are either of little value, or not paying enough to be worth joining. There is a lot of effort involved in getting one dedicated business builder. They say you get what you pay for, and in most instances this is true of Network Marketing.

My point here is that if it does take time and effort to convince someone to join your team, is it better to join them on a pack that pays $500 in commission, or one that pays $20? The answer is obvious, unless you really don’t believe the products you offer have real value!

One of the other aspects being pushed by top marketers these days is exactly what I just said. It is easier to make money selling high value products because you get a better class of people who have money to invest in their new business, and you get a real income every time you recruit a new partner.

The Funded Proposal

If you decide to spend money marketing your business or products, then you need to find a way to retrieve the funds you are spending. I think Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring, was one of the first to apply this to Network Marketing. Jonathon Budd, Daegan Smith, and others have taken this up now, and there is a business model of selling a product cheaply to pay for lead generation. Jonathon Budd was selling a $7 audio on lead generation. I purchased it and helped him pay for his advertising! It got me on his list too, and yes, I have purchased a program from him since then.

What About The Free Line?

In 2011, it is time to move forward. Not only do we need to create tremendous value before someone will join a mailing list, but it needs to be FREE! When I say free, I mean something that is of use in itself, not just a report telling them why your products are the best.

This is where my latest “product” comes in. I call it the “Four Food Devils” and it talks about four common foods that can steal your health and vitality. So how do I market this?

Well, first, I am not going to tell anyone what the four foods are, unless they download the 20 page report. If you are curious, you can get a copy at You will get to see how I did it too!

So, the marketing becomes a series of ads, posts, comments, articles, etc that talk about how some foods can rob you of your health and vitality. To find out more you have to go to and get a FREE copy.

Does This Work?

Well, it depends. You have to know your audience. What are their interests, and what might awaken curiosity. In the Natural Health area, I think many people will want to know why things may not be working due to common foods just about everyone eats. When you create your free report, you want it to be compelling too. I have only just started marketing this report, and already have over 50 subscribers.


Once you have subscribers, you know who is interested in the area you are promoting. You can then make offers, and bundle products and offer them to this specific set of people. Make them exclusive to subscribers and you may get their friends on board as well. It has the potential to go viral, providing your offer, and marketing drive people crazy wanting to know what they are going to learn.

Want To Know More?

Well, I have put together my Profit Booster Training System where I share my insights on Internet and Network Marketing. I have heaps of great ideas on the site for subscribers, and I will be adding to it as we move forward. If you want to take a look at what I am up to, go to

I trust this information has been thought provoking, and maybe helped you move forward with your business building efforts.

John Gaydon


  1. I offer a lot of freebies, but no ebook yet (I have 2 to finish and was urged to try to complete them in a month.) I figured I could still give one for free, and the meatier one for a more than reasonable price. I do believe that my freebie though should have some value.

    I do see a lot of networkers offer smaller ebooks that probably could not give one blink versus some of the books I read these days. I have to admit, my campaigns via email marketing have been pretty weak. Kim advises me and I have gotten better, but since joining TSA, I have read a lot of great advice.

    Thanks John!

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Nile,

      Just understand that my advice comes from my own experience, which may be different to other people.

      People will buy stuff off you if they know, like and trust you. The way to build trust is to encourage them to obtain and use information you provide. Whether it is free or paid, you want them to use the information and see that it works for them. These days, that takes building of trust.

      As you build trust with your readers through email marketing, or Social Media, they get to feel that you have the answers they are seeking.

      The point is that everything needs to be of high quality. Send out one bit of garbage and you lose your credibility and future income with that person. I know this is harsh, but I learned the hard way. This year I will be giving away most of my knowledge to build credibility further. Then I will be selling selective information.

      If you want to investigate more, watch what Gavin Mountford is doing right now!

  2. Enjoyed your article John – great advice. Of course I agree with the value principle, but I also like the point you make about knowing your audience … better yet, I think is deciding on who you want your audience to be and craft your message for that audience. So often “gurus” tend to use one size fits all shot gun approaches and I think that’s asking for failure.

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Marty,

      You are so right. I will be sending some snail mail offers shortly and will report back on the results. I am preparing different messages for each market segment. I made the special report general enough that I can craft different versions while maintaining the core message. Additional gifts require them placing an order!

  3. Hello John

    Not only do we need to create tremendous value before someone will join a mailing list, but it needs to be FREE!, is a principle that Dan Kennedy has used for years. A free report like your “Four Food Devils” is an excellent way to increase subscribers. When I was in the insurance business this marketing principle was very effective for me.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

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