Why In The World Would You Do Network Marketing?

Recently, after many years working for myself, I needed to get a real job to supplement my income. Yes, that’s right, I earn a good living from my own business, but right now it is just not quite enough to pay all the bills and bring up a healthy 7 year old.

The good news is that the little extra I now earn each week has changed my financial situation and this all looks much brighter now. However, there is a price to pay.

My Job

On the surface, I have the ideal job. I work from home for just 22 hours a week. It is a matter of logging in to my computer and phone and taking calls for a few hours. Most people I meet ask me where can they find a job like that?

Of course, there is a down side. Supervisors listen to calls and have an impossible set of rules to follow. Sales targets are set at a level that is difficult to achieve and we are always being driven to push for more business.

If you stuff up, or don’t follow the rules, you get counselled or punished, and there is enormous pressure to perform. Work hours are inflexible and it is even difficult to have control over vacation time. It has reduced my capacity to travel as well. But, it does provide a regular income.

The Comparison

A Network Marketing business is pretty well the opposite. You set your own hours, and your income depends on how much business you create, not how many hours you turn up for work. Residual income normally starts off slow and as you keep sharing your story, grows little by little. Providing you have an amazing product some of your new recruits continue to purchase and use the products for years. I don’t recommend gimmick products with a short lifespan if you wish to build a long term income. They need to be affordable and consumable.

The catch with MLM is that you have to go and talk to people, or find people to talk to. You can do this by visiting places, attending meetings where the subject you are interested in is being talked about, hanging out with the kinds of people who would be interested in your product, etc.

One business I built happened as a result of attending two shows or markets a month for 6 months. At the end of that time I had recruited 6 people. This went on to create a $35,000 a month business 5 years later. I earned very little over those first 6 months, with commission cheques of $30-40 a month. It rose to $3,000 a month as the business continued to grow.

The Trap

When we attend opportunity meetings, they are usually led by some super successful motivated leader who has the lifestyle many of us dream about. It is often hard to relate to this and understand that they often didn’t start out this way. They too, probably wore out a pair of shoes visiting people and making presentations. They probably sacrificed TV time and travelled extensively and spent long hours on the phone or on line getting their business established.

Many simply don’t have the vision to do all the basic work required to get their business going. These people stay in a job where they are told exactly what to do, and are judged not on their ability, but conformity to company rules.

Is It Really That Hard?

I know Network Marketing is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is not the hardest either, and once you are established it provides ridiculous hourly income. Nowadays, I would earn at least $100 an hour for the effort I put into Network Marketing. It is much less in the job, although the income is guaranteed and so are the hours I can work.

If you ever dreamed of working for yourself, but don’t have a good business idea, MLM is the next best thing. Work it consistently and it will provide a regular residual income.

Investing Your Income

Let’s say you earn $500 a month from your Network Marketing business. Invest that at 6% compound interest and after 5 years you have $52,000 cash in the bank. You could buy some shares with this, or put a deposit on a house. Increase your income to $1,000 a month and have $104,000 after 5 years without affecting the income from your regular job. Can you see how powerful a financial strategy this can be.

One last thing

One day you may want to quit working altogether. That means putting millions into super or getting a government pension. In Australia the pension is generous, around $1,000 a fortnight. As a couple, you could earn $2,000 a month from your MLM business and still be paid another $1,000 a month in government pensions. That would give you a fairly decent lifestyle in retirement, enabling overseas trips, etc.

Really, MLM is a viable solution for making sure you are looked after in your senior years. You could even live off your day job and stash your MLM income into investments to set up financial security even faster.

The question for you is, “is it worth a little effort for a few years to create an income for life?”

I think it is.

If you want to join my team, drop me a line at john@pems.com.au I would love to hear from you.

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