What is Vibrant Health?

There are many aspects of being healthy, and they apply to all aspects of life. Health is never an absolute, we can always improve our level of vitality, or diminish it. In fact, we do this with every thought we have, every move we make, every conversation, relationship, meal, etc. Imagine your health as a bank account. When you add funds your balance grows with interest. When you withdraw funds and borrow, you have to repay the loan plus interest! Every choice on your life path will either add to or subtract from your health bank account. You can borrow from it, but eventually, you become bankrupt and lose your health, mobility or worse.

I have researched a number of ideas and strategies ordinary folks can use to build up their health bank account. These days it is entirely possible to live to 100 or more in perfect health. Let’s face it, when you have enough to thrive on and are in good health, this is a very interesting place to live! In the final analysis, it is the quality of life you have while on the planet that not only affects your enjoyment, but the enjoyment of many others. We do not live in isolation. What you do every day affects others as well.

I have established a web site where I detail many of the strategies I use to remain healthy. It is http://goodhealthbeginshere.com You will see some excerpts from the site in this section. Being healthy is vital to being able to “fly”. Without it, you can be permanently grounded.



  1. Hi John,

    Keen to know if Zeolites could help my wife who is currently going through Chemo Therapy for Breast Cancer. She has always been into a very natural lifestyle and followed a good diet but unfortunately she currently has stage 3 breast cancer and has to have 8 chemo sessions and then surgery. Her cousin, living in South Africa, has used your product and suggested we consider it. My concern is over the safety while on Chemo. I thought it might be good after the treatment to try rid her body of heavy metals. Your thoughts and thanks for responding. Jonathan Tagg

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Jonathon,

      I can’t make a diagnosis or give you medical advice, but I have one lady who swears our product made all the difference. She was faced with a failing liver and breast cancer and after a few weeks on the Zeolite the tumor stopped growing and her Doctor was amazed at the nimprovement in her liver.

      As for chmotherapy, the Zeolite won’t affect the drug unless it has platinum in it. Many ahve noticedreduced side effects due to the Zeolite removing the toxins associated with chemo drugs.

      This product is safe, so you don’t ahve much to lose and it just might help.

      I believe toxins and heavy metals are implicated in many disease states and that removing them makes sense. This is what our Zeoite does. It is micronized and Activted which makes it much more potent than other brands.

      Good luck with everything,

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