Activated Liquid Zeolite – and The Fiji World Cup Rugby League Squad

You may be wondering what activated liquid zeolite has to do with the Rugby World Cup being held in Australia next month? Well, nothing really, except they were training in the gym I go to, so I took the opportunity to get a picture taken with some of the squad (I am the handsome muscly one in the middle!!)


There are a couple of very interesting points I would like to make about all this. I started taking activated liquid zeolite (the one I recommend for obvious reasons) in June, 2006. I have been taking it ever since. I am 56 and lifting ever heavier weights in the gym. My speed and power on the tennis court is increasing too, and I recently put one of my six year old professionally taken photos on a web site and was told it made me look older than I am now! After 2 gruelling hours of combat training and weights, I am off to Tennis tonight. Last time I had this sort of schedule, I ended up with a severe case of Tennis elbow and had to take a 3 month break and wear an elbow brace for a couple of years. This time I play harder, exercise more and have no problems with my arm whatsoever.

Why Do I Think That Activated Liquid Zeolite Has Something To Do With This?

Well, there was an athlete in the US who took this product and noticed he recovered quicker after exercise and had less lactic acid build up. He told the producers of the product and they decided to do a study of over 300 athletes and weekend warriors like me. The result – around 80% reported improvements after just 2 weeks. If only the Fiji Rugby League Team took Zeolite, maybe they would be a contender for the world cup??

You can download the abstract of the Exercise study at or for more information on Activated Liquid Zeolite, go to

I hope you get what I am saying. By removing toxins and heavy metals using activated liquid zeolite, I am able to perform better on the sporting field, have improved eyesight, have lost my aches and pains and old injuries, and am looking at a much longer, more active life as I move into the future. Really, with all the benefits of getting deadly toxins out of your body, who with any sense wouldn’t be taking this product?

I know most won’t, but as this is such an important supplement it gets everything else you do for good health working better, I am going to keep telling everyone about it because I want everyone else to have the health I and my family have and this is the most important step on the path to vibrant health.


John Gaydon

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