Cuba – Does Fidel Castro Tell The Truth?

I have spent the last few months reading “My life Fidel Castro”, his biography. It is a rather large work with over 720 pages of very small type! We visited Cuba in 2004, spending 8 days with a hire car travelling the country. It was an eye opening experience and gave me a basis to […]

The Means By Which You Are Performing Different Types Of Meditation

In today’s world, meditation is essential. One thing that people can always acknowledge is that most of us meditate in a way or the other. Various kinds of meditation strategies exist, like for example chakra meditation techniques and many others. However, researchers have usually classified these types of meditation in to two distinct categories; concentrative […]

Developing Greater Prosperity

Prosperity is a word which is thrown about quite a bit. Do we fully understand what it definitely means to be prosperous? The literal interpretation includes two individual meanings. The first suggests becoming successful. It signifies possessing good luck in one or many of the areas associated with ones own life. Most could possibly think […]

A Tree Fell On The House

It happened Tuesday. We were quietly sitting by the fire, getting warm, when we heard a big crack! We looked out the window and witnessed a massive tree limb fall on the house we were staying in, wrecking the gutter and hitting the roof with a thud. Fortunately the roof stayed intact, and we were […]

We Manifest A New Car

Some of you may have read my article on manifestation. It is one of the chapters of “Life Mastery – how to achieve it” available as a free download from this site, and was included in another compilation of articles on manifesting in the real world. The ideas I present on this subject emanate from […]

What Happens When You Take The Brakes Off?

You might be wondering what the hell this post is all about, and I can fully understand. My story ends with a fateful day when my car rolled down the driveway, across the road and into the neighbours house. It all happened in slow motion just like the car insurance commercials! Now, I am a […]

Consistency – The Magic Ingredient For Long Term Success

If you are not having the success you desire, I bet I know the reason! At least for me, plugging away with long term goals in mind keeps my business moving, even in hard times. Sure, it is hard on occasion, but when I talk to many others who don’t experience the same level of […]

Why The Rich Work Against You Joining Them

Later this year, we have 3 of the richest people in the personal development world are coming to Australia to appear at the same 3 day event. Never before have Donald Trump. Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins appeared on the same bill! Let’s face it, if you haven’t heard of these 3, you have been […]

Abundance – It’s All In The Mind

When I started Teaching courses on abundance and prosperity back in 1987, it was due to pressure from friends. My first course ran for 5 weeks and we had almost instant results with one person manifesting a new car and another, a full time job before the course ended. Yet another of my early students […]

The Whacky World Of Bodywork!

No folks, I am not talking about panel beaters, but those who prod and poke people with their many brands of massage and energy healing! The fact is there are a myriad of different methods used in an effort to keep our bodies mobile and erect ( I mean posture) for as long as possible. […]