The Dilemma Of Retirement – Why Everyone Should Look At This

Yesterday, as Christmas approaches, the company I work for was kind enough to provide a new pilot program designed to support “mature” workers to map out their future. There are a number of lessons from this that I thought I would share with you. Very Important Information Many of the aspects discussed are those I […]

Raising Consciousness In The New Millenium

In 1986 my life encountered a major turn which has defined me ever since. After attending a weekend seminar and a series of rebirthing sessions, I saw the world from a totally different perspective. Now I am a practical man, having been a technical expert all my life, but I saw things differently after this […]

15-Min Fix to Living Without Stress

With today’s hectic way of life, its no wonder that even more people are burnt out, depressed and overwhelmed.There merely aren’t enough hours in a day to do our jobs, deal with our residences and our loved ones, ourselves and even more …There are obviously anti depressants and other medications that may assist, but medications […]

Lucid Dreaming Offers You A Chance To Change Your Life

Every night, each one of us spend at least some of our sleeping time in a dream state, even if we do not remember what it is that we have dreamed during our sleep. So much human effort has gone into trying to understand the process of dreaming and understand what things we experience in […]

On Sunday I went Back To My Youth

Back to your youth, I hear you say. How can a 60 year old revert back to the days when he was young and crazy? Well, if you did some of the things I did back in those days, you might understand. The photo depicts our engine, 3642 built in 1928 in resplendent green livery. […]

Karise Eden, Our Friend Stars In The Voice Australia

Many of us seek our 5 minutes in the spotlight, but few get the opportunity. Karise Eden of “The Voice”, is a girl we have known for a while who now has that chance. The Folk Club When we moved to the Central Coast many years ago, my wife, Linda dreamed of being a singer. […]

Would You Have Tom Cruise Over For Dinner

Warning: If You Eat Meat, You Won’t Want To Read This! There was a controversial TV ad in Australia where Naomi Watts playing a young girl, receives a phone call telling her she won a dinner with Tom cruise. As it turns out the family was having Roast Lamb for dinner, so she turned down […]

Vegemite – The Nectar Of The Gods – At Least For Aussies!

Last year Oprah Winfrey visited Australia and did some shows at the Sydney Opera House. At one of the shows actor Hugh Jackman flew in on a highwire and crashed into a camera stand. He was somewhat injured. Hugh presented Oprah with a vegemite sandwich! She was not totally impressed. Origins Of Vegemite Few foods […]

I Never Knew I Had So Many Friends

I turn 60 Yesterday was my 60th birthday, a milestone I guess! I spent the day relaxing, watching the cricket on TV, doing high intensity aerobics in the gym and playing Tennis. Had dinner with the family, altogether a lovely day. What I did spend some considerable time with was replying to all my friends […]

Gratitude Taken To A Whole New Level

The film, “Pay It Forward” was a sensation as millions were awed that the idea that helping others has a rippling effect that can change the whole world. There are many examples of helping others gaining world wide attention, such as the Aussie “hug” guy who ended up on the Oprah Winfrey Show in front […]