Are You Selling Ice To Eskimos?

I have seen many posts and articles about the money being in the list! As an internet marketer with lists built over the last 6 years, I am well aware of this. Fortunately for me, when I send out a broadcast email, I usually get at least a few sales. This article will give you […]

Google Cancels My Adwords Acount

Yep. Finally the google slap has hit me in the face. After 6 years as a loyal advertiser, they took exception to a couple of landing pages, and summarily suspended me. No discussion, no redress, just bye bye! Of course, I knew it would come one day. After all just about every name internet marketer […]

If You Approached Me, Would I Listen To You?

OK, I know many of you are Internet or network marketers, or have something to sell, or a program to join. I d too! Years ago, it was pretty easy to get interest. You simply put an ad on google, gave them a reason to opt in to your site and then sent out a […]

Page One On Google – Meet My Secret Weapon

I know, there are quite a few people talking about getting high page rankings on Google. Of course, if your content is found and it catches attention, it could mean a whole lot of business for you. There are a bunch of tricks I use to get good SEO for my articles, but one surpasses […]

You Don’t Have To Be A Hollywood Producer To Make Great Videos!

In this day and age, video is everywhere. You can get a HD flip cam for a hundred bucks and start making your own productions. It’s easy. Some sit in front of their laptop and record on a webcam, others use Camtasia or Screen Cast and add pictures of the words they are speaking. Yes, […]

Using Comments For Backlinks

For those of you who are searching to find their pages listed on page one of google and other search engines, one of the strategies you would now be aware of is creating back links to your page using comments on blogs. Google definitely notices how many people connect to your site, and especially if […]

Video Marketing – Would You Like A Free Trial?

There is a buzz in the air, and that buzz is video marketing. I joined Talk Fusion some 6 months ago as I saw it as the most professional and established player in the field. This has proven right. The Best Video Marketing Company In the last month, Talk Fusion added powerfully to its range […]

A Lesson Well Learnt

I consider myself pretty sharp. After all, I excelled in my corporate career, tackling and completing projects that left many others in awe. Even back in South Africa, I took a project that had lost its technician half way through, learnt everything about it, and been a major force in its on time completion. There […]

A Few Tips To Tidy Up Your WordPress Blogs

Lately, I have been visiting many blogs to leave comments. I must admit, when I started, I didn’t realize how many different profiles or ways of signing your comments there were. Google has blogger, there is wordpress, and a whole stack of other IDs. Syndicating Content I have joined the TSA (Tribe Syndication Association). I […]

Internet Marketing Gurus Loose Their Marbles!

I have been happily making money on line for the last 5 years. I did it by building an internet presence piece by piece, layer by layer. Some things worked, while some taught me valuable lessons. One thing I learned very early on was that fully replicating websites were definitely not the way to fame […]