Are You Making Money From Network Marketing?

I know this sounds like a stupid question, BUT most people never make any profits from their MLM businesses. It may have something to do with the high level of attrition, so I am going to show you how to avoid it! My History Ok, so I lost money on my first three ventures into […]

The Beauty Of Residual Income

I think most of us know that in an ideal world, the Network Marketing model of business is the ultimate way to earn money. Simply put, you do the work once and get paid for life! It is the way of big business, to leverage the work of others to build your empire and personal […]

The Perfect Autoresponder For Network Marketers

Readers of this blog know that I have been using autoresponder messages as one of my main weapons to build my Network Marketing business over the last few years. While most people know about these today, when I first learnt about them from Martin Franzen, Armand Morin and Mike Dillard, they weren’t so popular. Automation […]

How To Build A Large Network Marketing Business

Many of you reading this post will be involved with Network Marketing. Most people simply don’t make it to the big money in this industry. You are about to learn my secrets from 14 years experience in the industry. The video explains it best, but it is about having passion for what you do, displaying […]

Down The MLM Rabbit Hole

Network Marketing Reality When we join a Network Marketing company, most of us do it full of hope for the future, inspired by the stories and leadership of the business. We fully believe we can make $10k a month or more, and put our hearts and souls into the business, calling people left, right and […]

I Am Not One To Brag But…

I just returned from the National Conference of one of my Network Marketing companies. This one was in Canberra, and we won the trip, which was great. So what was special about this year? The owner of the company attends our events every year and usually, he doesn’t say much to me. This time he […]

A Short History Of Lead Generation

If you have been in Network Marketing for a while, you will probably relate to this story. If not, you are going to learn something important. The Importance Of Leads Everyone knows it, if you have no one to talk to, you can’t grow a business. We all have a limited circle of friends (except […]

In Business Relationships Are Everything

We Are Related To Everything! Mitakuye Oyasin is a phrase I learned many years ago while working with some Lakota Sioux Shamans in the Catskills north of New York. Literally it means “all my relations”. The Lakota believe that we are related to everything on earth, and that respect for all things is the way […]

Growing Your Business Through Webinars

Unless you have been living under the bed, with the lights turned off, you are aware of the proliferation of video on the internet. If you are in any kind of business that requires building customer relations, you either are, or should be using webinars as a tool to reach out. Let me tell you […]

Choosing A Network Marketing Company – A Radical Approach

Today marks 13 years since I joined my first successful Network Marketing venture. Since that time, I have received a mountain of training and ideas, with so many criteria for success, one could be forgiven for believing that no one could ever do everything required! Like many others, I have crafted articles n how to […]