My MLM Success

There are so many people touting how wonderful they are in their Network Marketing business, that many are getting skeptical about the claims made. Of course, I am not like that, and I don’t publish anything that I can’t back up! I thought I would list my achievements in my current gig, so I made […]

MLM Pay Plans – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When you are considering joining a Network Marketing Business, one of the most confusing aspects is the different compensation plans on offer. There are binary, step breakaway, forced matrix, and a variety of hybrid plans. What are the differences, and which works best for long term growth? In my 10 years of Network Marketing, I […]

Follow Up – What Do You Do Once You Get Prospects or customers?

By John Gaydon Prospecting Isn’t The Only Important Task In Building Your MLM Business. If you have spent any time in Network Marketing, you will know that the number one challenge facing all of us is finding people to talk to! Solutions range from the 3 foot rule where you hit on everyone who comes […]

“How To Build A Bullet Proof Customer Base To Ensure Your MLM Success”

By John Gaydon Introduction Over the last 12 years, I have built 4 successful Network Marketing Business to the point that I earned over $2,000 a month in residual income. I have experienced success with several other companies, but not to this extent. During this time, I have been lost in confusion on many fundamental […]

Network Marketing – It’s Not The Money

In our troubled times when many people are feeling the pinch financially and looking at a bleak future, there is going to be a surge in people joining Network Marketing businesses. Most will do it to get extra cash, but this is not the reason I joined this industry – nor is it the reason […]

How To Make A Profit And Build Your Network Marketing Business!

One of the most often mentioned complaints about network marketing is “I haven’t got any money and this business is just soaking up my reserves. Indeed the networking graveyard is littered with people who had so much promise but backed out when their resources were exhausted! Personally, I have always taken a different approach, a […]

MLM – How To Win Reward Trips

All Network marketing Companies offer incentives. If yours doesn’t change companies! These incentives are designed to encourage certain actions, usually recruiting and business building that will lead to long term growth of your business. The question is how can you reach these targets and start travelling the world with your MLM paying for the trip? […]

A Personal Development Course Disguised As A Business!

I know some of you have quit building your MLM business, or slowed to a trickle. When you consider the benefits of our industry, I have no idea why anyone would do that, but it happens. If you slowed down because you don’t think the product works, there is not much hope for you. You […]

Are You Ready To Capitalise on New Technology.

I just finished listening to the first information on a new product from Waiora, the company I am currently building. This product is a hybrid mushroom with very special healing qualities that will make it a huge seller. Right now, when you search for it, there are only 7 results on Google. It is an […]