Growing Your Business Through Webinars

Unless you have been living under the bed, with the lights turned off, you are aware of the proliferation of video on the internet.

If you are in any kind of business that requires building customer relations, you either are, or should be using webinars as a tool to reach out. Let me tell you my story.

Why I Use Video

When I started out in business, everything was local. We ran local meetings, held events locally, advertised in local media. I connected with many people in my area, joined clubs, etc. After a while I realised that there was a bigger world out there. I observed that performers only do a gig in their home town once or twice a year, and then move around. Why? Well, only so many people are interested in what you have to say at any one time. If those performers stayed put, they wouldn’t make enough money to survive. I started thinking.

For a couple of years I travelled with a show, visiting people all over Australia and New Zealand. I received many requests to conduct workshops and trainings, so I started travelling too. It made a big difference to my income, and I was able to maintain my local commitments as well. I started my own events all over the country. Pretty soon, I had inquiries from other countries! I was getting stretched.

There Was A Challenge

These days I communicate with people World Wide. If you take each individual, travelling to each town is very difficult, if not impossible. With the internet, global communications are necessary. As you can read below, face to face communication is necessary and now possible on line. If you are building anysort of network outside your local area, I think you will find the rest of this article eye opening and informative.

The Early Days

With a background in the corporate world, I can remember flying to remote cities in Australia and making presentations to boards with butcher’s paper. It made a big difference to the pitch to add visuals, and I was able to incorporate humour, and explain thing so much easier. In training, we would plaster sheets of paper with the seminar points all over the walls and often cover a whole room.

The Invention Of Powerpoint

Well, one day it became a whole lot easier. Good old Microsoft came up with a program that made your presentations look nice. It meant we could work out what we wish to say, put it on slides, and then use it as a guide for talks, seminars and training – brilliant. All my University lecturers started using it, as did I and many other marketers. In 2011, it is still the preferred way of presenting information.

These days, you can include animation, video clips, graphics, etc and make quite a show of it.

Conference Calls

Even with powerpoint, audio was still King. I conducted calls for 2 MLM companies over the years and presented product and company information. They were very successful and over the time they were operating, the business grew substantially. In practical terms we trebled volume in a little over a year in one company and doubled the size of a larger organisation with the others. From years of experience, I can tell you that presentations and seminars absolutely will grow your business if held regularly. In the MLM Profit Booster training, we are going to go into specific detail on how to do this.

Again, technology changed, and now people are yearning for video.

Along Comes GoToWebinar

For $97 a month, a new company provided the facility to broadcast video and audio at the one time. Now I could share my screen, demonstrate web sites, and anything on my computer. I could incorporate powerpoint, and so much more. Heck, I could even connect my webcam. I hopped on board. I replaced audio conferencing with video, so much more powerful.

As we move further forward in time, it is all changing. Internet speeds are sky rocketing, and it is getting to the point that as marketers, we can let the off line people go, and concentrate on using webinars to train our teams and educate potential new partners and customers. The sticking point then becomes the $97 a month fee.

A New Player

That is where I am very excited, as now we can have a fully featured webinar system which includes video conferencing, video email, autoresponders, and the ability to even syndicate videos so they get noticed.

We can now get crustal clear presentations with video to display anything you can think up. All on line and all for free for participants. The interface is much easier than gotowebinar, and clients can connect in seconds. There is a set up fee, but after that it is just $35 a month, so you save money too. The new player is Talk Fusion.


As we move forward, webinars will be the preferred method of offering information and training people. There are going to be a good many people looking for a product like Talk Fusion to achieve this. What if you were the person to introduce them to a tool that solves many problems, and saves valuable time and money? Well now you can and get paid for it too! Check out Talk Fusion and get back to me if you want to be part of this revolution. Click Here For More Information On Talk Fusion


  1. Hi John,

    With companies like Talk Fusion offering such immense value I would say others like ‘Go To Meeting’ must be starting to feel just a little concerned.

    I foresee amazing growth ahead for Talk Fusion across many business sectors and I look forward to being a part of this growth under your leadership.

    Marcus Baker recently posted..4 Point Goal Replacement Surgery Checkup Available HereMy Profile

  2. These new products are making it so much easier for businesses to communicate with their customers. It’s such an exciting time we live in. Thanks for the great reviews.
    Debbie Lattuga recently posted..No MistakesMy Profile

    • John Gaydon says:

      Thanks for that debbie.

      I am getting very excited about the tools now available to make things so much easier!

  3. Hi John,

    I totally agree about webinars in business. I’ve heard of TalkFusion before and have followed the interest in their product a little. I do like the video email interface they have, which is how I was first introduced to them.

    Now with video conferencing and video syndication a part of the picture, it could be a game changer for them. $35 per month seems very reasonable. I’ll have to check out the setup cost on this.


    Mike Sweeney -TSA
    Mike S @ Legitimate Home Businesses recently posted..Legitimate Home Businesses 6 Myths To Niche ResearchMy Profile

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Mike,

      $250 is the set up fee now. I am leveraging this with my main MLM Profitbooster training, about to be released. I am showing people how the Talk fusion facilities can really accelerate growth in any other business! That is why I joined Talk fusion and the video conferencing looks great.

  4. Thanks for sharing this info with us. It looks promising, but they don’t give a lot of specifics. Is there a trial period where you can test the system? The setup fee is rather steep if you don’t know for sure if it is going to work.
    Karin recently posted..Do-follow social bookmarking site for your nicheMy Profile

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Karin,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I can organise a trial account if you wish to use the service for a few weeks. We have that ability with our accounts to sahre it with up to 5 people and I would be glad to let you use it! Skype me on john_gaydon

  5. Hey John,

    Really great blog post. I am also a Talk Fusion User and I am super excited about using it help reach people on such a bigger stage. I would second everything you say above.

    Thanks for Sharing
    Beth Hewitt recently posted..Communicating with you Network Marketing TeamMy Profile

    • John Gaydon says:

      HI Beth,

      Yes I see you are very active. Talk Fusion has a great set of tools for any business owner. Covers just about everything!

  6. Hi John,
    Great to connect today! When I get a chance I will check into “Talk Fusion” further! I love resources that make marketing more efficient and effective. We know that information is moving so fast that even in video, we only have seconds to capture peoples attention before they move on.

    I have a friend that has a new product that he and his team are bringing to the marketplace. I do not know much about it yet, as they are still finalizing negotiations; but what I know of it so far, it seems exciting.

    If I want to market this product, I will need all of your great tips quickly. Let’s chat soon so you can bring me up to date on your project!

    Talk soon, Linda
    Linda Thomas recently posted..PeopleString&8211Live On BloombergMy Profile

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