So You Want To Make Money In Your Own Business?

First let me introduce myself. My name is John Gaydon and I live in Kariong, one hour north of Sydney, Australia. We live sandwiched between some beautiful bushland where abundant wildflowers grow year round, and some of the world’s best beaches. My wife and I have a 3 year old daughter, and just extended our house. We have been on at least one overseas holiday every year since 2000, and many breaks at retreats in Australia.

I am in the fortunate position that I haven’t worked a JOB (just over broke) job since July 1, 2002 when I was retrenched from a call center position, not exactly a high flying profession! If you are interested in making the transition from getting by each week to a life of abundance where You earn more than you spend every month, it might do you some good to listen to someone who has done it – me!!

The Myth Of Instant Success

Now, I am not a high flyer with a 7 figure income. If you are looking to make a million by tomorrow morning you can part with your hard earned cash with someone else who is eager to lighten your wallet, not me. One of my reasons for writing this piece is to inform you that the lure of overnight success is an age old tradition by which certain people make a fortune, while almost everyone else ends up as road kill. If you have ventured into investment schemes, internet marketing in a box businesses, or Network Marketing that is purely for profit, you will understand what I am talking about!

I have achieved my success by working with a few individuals, mentoring them over a period of time, and helping them transform their thinking and skills to the point where they earn several thousand dollars a month in residual income, month after month. If that idea interests you, read on. Otherwise, have a nice life!

My Business Background

I wasn’t always an entrepreneur, or independent businessman. Part of my learning process was almost going bankrupt. I worked my way out of that situation. I have been connected with some top flight sales organizations and my one true sales job selling float tank programs, ended in less than a week. I was told I simply wasn’t the type for a sales career. By tracking my journey, you can see if I am someone you resonate with as a future coach or mentor, and if I may have some clues to set you on the path to greater fun and success in life.

My first job was at age 9 as a choir boy at St James’s church in Sydney. This ended when my voice broke. After leaving school, I trained as a telecommunications technician and four years later went on a 3 year world tour photographing steam trains. After that I spent 12 years climbing the corporate ladder, until I started attending personal development seminars and decided this was not my life path.

My First Business Attempt

I quit and lasted on my own for 18 months until the money ran out! Back to corporate for 4 years working with a Pharmaceutical company and developing my own business on the side. My second attempt at financial independence lasted 6 years. This time I conducted seminars all over Australia, worked at various festivals conducting consultations on their lives, and had a great time. At the end of it all I was organization my own events and the money coming in paid for the outstanding bills until there wasn’t enough to go around anymore. I had to get off the wheel.

First Attempts At Network Marketing

When I heard about Network Marketing in 1978 via an Amway visit from a neighbor, I really liked the concept. I joined because I liked the products and during my first career, sold 3 bottles of glass cleaner! No, I didn’t buy a new yacht. My second attempt in 1986 culminated in a meeting at my house where as instructed, I invited all the neighbors to a meeting without telling them what it was. After that, relationships in our close knit community deteriorated rapidly! This was death to MLM as far as I was concerned.

Finally, I Find A Mentor

In 1997, I met someone who answered an ad for one of my seminars. He was an interesting character and agreed to write a forward for my new book, so I kept in touch. Over the next six months, he slowly wore down my resistance to MLM. At Christmas I joined 3 companies he recommended. My real training and learning started from there. One of the original companies paid me $2,821.06 just this week, 11 years after starting the business. The other two are no longer in business.

Something you need to know if you are considering changing from whatever you are doing to a career in Network Marketing or working for yourself is this. It takes time. There are many skills required to run an organisation of thousands of independent workers. You don’t have to know everything to get started, but if you neglect continual improvement in this business, you are likely to fail. I have a very high closing rate when I actually talk to someone, I get nearly all of my leads though promotional activities, so I only talk to interested people, and those I have trained do the same. This has developed step by step over many years.

A Lesson In Network Marketing

Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned in MLM is that you can only really build one network at a time. For most people, you can only build one line of sponsorship at a time. For years I juggled several organizations, enrolling my recruits in all of them and spending hours deciding which was best. One day, I decided to concentrate on one at a time, and the one I choose prospered. I have done this twice and both return a good income every month.

I have a very clear criteria when selecting what I will do for financial reward. If I can’t see my efforts adding value to the lives of others, I am not interested. I receive many offers to join organizations, and refuse almost all of them, because they don’t fit my criteria. My latest venture I enrolled in 3 years ago, is the best I have been involved with, and something I can wholeheartedly support.

Who Am I looking For?

Once again, if you are still reading, then you are certainly close to the person I am looking for to mentor to success. Remember, I am not very fond of failure, so I am careful who I take on. I don’t charge, and help you generate income. This may seem crazy until you discover that the best way to make a large income is to help others make a large income! Sharing everything I know will not only benefit you, but myself as well. How cool is that.

Who Am I Promoting and Why?

On the internet, companies scan the information looking for their trade marks. If I use company names and proprietary products, I come under scrutiny and have to be careful what I say. It is for this reason, you will have to talk to me to get the name of the company. What we have is an amazing detox product that safely removes heavy metals and toxins from the body. Competitive products either don’t function nearly as well, or are downright dangerous, giving us the edge having the easiest to take, safest, most effective detox product on the planet.

The company has been around for over 5 years, and the product 4 years. I have done my homework and can tell you sincerely, that heavy metal and toxin removal from our bodies will soon be the largest market in wellness. Your body can’t operate efficiently while these toxins are present. All the pills and potions supplemented have limited effect UNLESS you get the rubbish out of your body. Can you imagine once people understand this they will be looking for a solution which we have right now.

Why This Product Is Needed!

There are no labeling requirements for heavy metals or toxins in any food, water supply, air, or anything else, so unless you are educated you won’t be aware of the extent of these invisible killers. They are linked to up to 85% of diseases and more people are becoming aware of this. Drugs don’t help much because they add to the toxic burden of the body.

Our mission is to inform people what the Governments are not telling us, and provide real solutions that work. I hope you can start to see the enormity of this opportunity. It is growing rapidly. I can see a rise in interest on the internet over the last three years that is phenomenal and it is about to grow exponentially.

How Do I Build My Income?

Would you like to know how you can take advantage of the situation, and help thousands of others in the process? Well I use a variety of marketing activities to find the people ready for a change. I have called only a handful of people I knew before I started and none of them has done much. All of my recruiting and organsation has come from the internet. Up to 4 of my team members appear on the top 10 world wide recruiting list every month. We hold regular mastermind meetings on the phone, weekly product information calls, have produced our own team CD, established an information blog I am busy promoting worldwide, and created just about all the tools you could possibly need to succeed.

In fact, with what is available, the only reason you could fail is if you don’t learn, and don’t apply yourself to activities. There really is no excuse.

What You Can Do.

Go to and view a 20 minute presentation I have prepared for you. This will explain what the business is about, why it is a good one, how you earn, and your commitments.

You can receive up to $US500 for every business associate you personally enrol. That gives you a healthy budget for marketing! Under my guidance, you could easily earn $US1,000 or more in your first month. Several of my team have exceeded this amount, so I know that I can achieve this with the right person. This is an exciting opportunity that pays real money while you make a real difference to the lives of others. It will take commitment, persistence, and a great deal of learning, but it is not hard to do.

It’s Your Choice.

If you are interested, call me on (02) 4340 2711 in Australia or (61) 2 4340 2711 from other countries. I have a local US number. It is (213) 784 0905. You can Skype me. Search for

When you develop your own team, I will work with you as you develop your leadership skills. We have top income earners mentoring us weekly. Together we will empower them to achieve the success you will achieve, multiplying your income exponentially. Now it is up to you. I have the track record to prove I can do it. Are you willing to develop the mind and skill set to create an ongoing residual income and never have to work a JOB again!

Best of luck,

John Gaydon

PS What you read here applies to any business venture you enter into. If you are not passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, don’t bother calling. This is not for you.

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