The Future Of Waiora

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have touched the life of another human being and given the gift of better health. Like it or not, once you lose your health, it is very difficult to pursue your life dreams and spend quality time on the planet.

Only last night I was talking to a man who can no longer drive due to a deteriorating situation with his health. This is something he can no longer avoid, and is making a considerable burden on his lifestyle.

What We Do

Over the last 9 years, Waiora has been offering NCD, a product that removes the toxins which reduce our ability to fight off disease and deterioration, plus destroy clear thinking. I personally seen, and many of you have too, thousands of people obtain better health and extended lives after using NCD for a period of time. We have thousands of recorded positive health stories at
to back that up. Despite attacks from other Zeolite companies, this product has stood the test of time, backed by independent testing and Scientific research.

The Interview

I know we haven’t been in touch enough lately, so last week I got together with Mickey Dillon for an update on what is happening at Waiora, and where the opportunity lies right now. The fact is that we have been around much longer than most MLM companies, and the company is still strong with outstanding products.

Mickey and I are here to support you to build your own strong team of Waiora distributors. This is the way to assist the masses to improve their lives through removing the toxins that would destroy them. It was only last week I was told of a man in Queensland who was told to go home to die of Mesothelioma. With no alternate treatment offered, he started on 60 drops of NCD a day. He is now in much better health and has defied Doctor’s predictions. The same can be said for Country and Western musician, Rodney Lay. After using NCD for a short time back in 2006, he had a reversal of cancer and 8 years later is in excellent health.

There are those who could hardly walk before using NCD, others who suffered from severe depression, and many other unfortunate situations. We know that removing toxins using NCD can allow the body to heal itself from many debilitating illnesses, despite the fact it does not cure anything.

Important Time

I wish it were not so, but the fact is that the accumulated bombardment of toxins and chemicals is not diminishing. As countries such as China industrialize, pollutants travel around the globe. You have the tools to assist many with Megadefense and NCD. Sharing these products with others and then helping them do the same will not only give you the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference, but could lead to a nice additional income. I have a part time job and point out that it is supplementary income. My main income is with Waiora and requires a fraction of the time I spend at work for much greater financial and personal reward.

Please listen as Mickey and I have a chat. Call me or email and let’s get your business motoring.

My purpose here is to assist you to achieve the success you deserve. If your heart is in the right place, sharing these products will save lives and provide a secure financial future for your family.

John Gaydon

0411 139 312

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