Is There A Secret To Success In Network Marketing?

Some of us have done very well out of the Network marketing Industry, while many just never seem to make it. Recent experience backs up what I learned many years ago. Follow this, and you can have the kind of success I and many others enjoy. Let’s face it, I haven’t worked a day in a real job for over 8 years!

Essential Elements of Home Based Business Success.

The golden rule of success in this industry is FAST! When you join a new opportunity, you are excited and filled with vision of what is about to happen. You see yourself on that yacht, in that new house, with bucket loads of money, on the dream vacation, etc. Your belief level is high.

A funny thing happens when you go out into the world and tell people how this will change your life. Some of them believe you and want your new bound enthusiasm for themselves! They join your organization.

Then something happens. First one, then 2, then 3 say no. Your enthusiasm level drops and suddenly no one wants to be part of your dream! The reason, you lost your mojo! For most, this is the end of the road. You quit, or go find another company that will solve the problem.

Has this every happened to you, or anyone you know?

The Secret Is To Start Fast!

When I join a new venture, I make a list of people who are interested in making money. Normally I will have around 100 on my list.

I contact them one by one telling them I have found something fantastic that I believe will be the next big thing and that I am putting my forces behind it. They know I will do that, because of past experience!

Those who express interest are sent to a presentation or three way call and asked to join the team. The result is 2 or 3 new enrolments in the first 72 hours.

What Happens Next

This is the part that will make or break your success in this industry. It is called “Duplication”

You want to inspire your new team members to do what you did. Make a list, call them, and introduce them to the system. Then together you see if it is a fit for them.

They, in turn, find 2 people in 72 hours. Just about all of us can find at least 2 people who will join us in a new venture. You simply go through the numbers until you find them!

One trick to expand your sphere of influence is to ask if they know anyone who may be interested? If you got 3 referrals from each of your 100, you would have 300 hot leads.

Now you have an organization of 6, and you just enrolled 2!

The Third Wave

Now for the BIG MONEY! In my experience, most miss this important bit. Your second level distributors need to do what those you sponsored did! That’s right, we need to get them to expose the business to 100 people in a few days and get 2 in 72 hours each. Still with me. This is simple, but very few do it!

The Final Step

The people you sponsored work 3 levels deep and train their recruits to do the same. Get the machine happening and everyone wins. The best part is that you all make a fortune! Sure it takes time, but cycling through 72 hours will give the following.

Day Size of your organisation


That’s 4,000 in a month just repeating every 72 hours. Now you know how the big guns do it. They duplicate FAST!

Now A Question for You Reading This Article?

Would you like to experience these kinds of results?

Well, I am involved with a fairly new enterprise. Their product is fantastic value and will enhance any business. The monthly spend is just $25 and I have added over $1,000 worth of bonuses as a sweetner to those who join our organization.

Were you to achieve the figures listed above, your monthly residual income would be $5,100 a month after just one month plus Enrolment Spillovers of around $51,100.

Now I know this is ideal, but if you knew 100% that by enrolling 2 people in 3 days you could generate this sort of income inside of a month, would you be willing to do what it takes to get your two and help them do what you did?

I am looking for 2 savvy people who are ready to put this plan into action. My promise is that I will give you the inspiration and work with you to find 2 like you in your first 72 hours. I have huge mailing lists and can show you how to generate these too. No problems.

You can enrol direct at or

Contact me at, skype john_gaydon (say why you want to connect or I will ignore you) or call Sydney (02) 4340 2711

I wish you a prosperous life ahead.

John Gaydon


  1. I can relate to how discouraging all the “no’s” are. It’s downright depressing to think that not many people have the desire to make a change in their life. In fact, it blows me away! I mean…90% of people are not happy in their jobs. Not happy with their income, and yet do NOTHING about it. UGH! Unbelievable eh?
    Mike Pedersen recently posted..The Secret To Success When Networking For RealtorsMy Profile

    • Well said, Mike
      The truth is there is a massive movement led by mainstream media and big companies, designed to keep everyone just above desperation level, so we all keep making them rich, while strugling to find answers, when you and I have them right there in front of their noses!

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