Ruby Incentive Bonus

After 16 years in Network Marketing and over 7 years with Waiora, I know that receiving a regular residual income month after month makes my life a whole lot easier.

While I love the income I receive month after month, it is the results I see from Waiora products that keeps me loyal to this company. NCD and MEgadefense, and other waiora products are outstanding and produce results seldom seen elsewhere.

You are sitting on huge potential not only to make a difference in the lives of others, but to secure your family’s future. Waiora is here to stay. Profitable, debt free, and established.

Please listen to my conversation with Mickey Dillon as we outline the new incentive.


How The Bonus Works

  • Check your volume for last month.
  • Forward this to me to let me know you are participating.
  • At the end of the month send me your two Pacesetter or Premier enrolment names plus final group volume.


  • Everyone enrols at least two Pacesetters during the month
  • Qualify Ruby I with 1,000 increased volume for $100
  • Qualify Ruby II with 3,000 increased volume for $200
  • Qualify Ruby III with 4,000 increased volume for $300

Remember December is the quietest month of the year. Building through March is the easiest time to do this.

How you can use this to build your business.

MLM Relies on helping others to succeed.

You also need to continually recruit and look for new customers and business partners.

Bonuses are designed to encourage the correct activity for growth of your organisation.

What to do.

  1. Continue to share the products and the business and commit to finding 2 people to join as Pacesetter or above every month.
  2. Identify those in your organisation who could qualify as Ruby I, II, or III, and work out a plan together to get them there. Their commitment is to at least enrol 2 Pacesetters or Premiers a month.
  3. Make sure your business is balanced. This means if there is a leader on one side, you will need to find someone else in your second leg and work with them to build to Ruby so they receive the bonus as well. Again, they will have to recruit 2 Pacesetters or above to get the extra cash.

This activity could double your volume during the 3 months of this incentive.

What we will do.

Organise a call with Rik to expose your business builders to the product info. This is a call they can invite new recruits and customers to.

Provide training in how to build the business.

Visit and conduct meetings in your area if you have enough people to justify it.

Help with 3 way calls, product information, etc.

Let’s make this year your best ever.


John Gaydon

Emerald II

Ps If you are reading this and are not already part of my team, contact me and I can get you started.


  1. Brigitte Knor says:

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    I recommend zeolite highly to people with healthproblems

    Brigitte Knor, Netherlands

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