How will your life be in retirement?

In the western world, as populations age, one might think about the future and what income they will have to sustain a decent lifestyle once they finish work. There are three main issues here.

  1. Will I have enough money to live comfortably. When you finally stop working, you may have a pension or some sort of superannuation, but how much will you require to maintain a reasonable lifestyle?
  2. How long will I stay healthy? Studies show that most of us will spend the last 10% of our lifetime with some sort of disability that will compromise quality of life. For those who follow a wellness approach and exercise regularly, this could be reduced to 5% or less of our years. Others who ignore health issues, can look forward to being partially disabled for 20% of their life span.
  3. What am I going to do to keep me interested? Basically if you retire with no goal or mission, you probably won’t stay healthy for long. Those with a positive outlook and something they believe in and can put passion into are going to have a far superior quality of life into later years.

The Hard Facts Of Finance.

Today we face bank interest of 2% or less on savings. Many who saved for retirement now find they simply do not get enough income from investments to sustain lifestyle. A recent seminar I attended suggested that you require over $700,000 of superannuation to product some sort of lifestyle. At 2% interest that would yield just $14,000 a year or less than $1200 a month. If you don’t see yourself having that amount of money when you quit work, you will be interested in this alternative.

In Australia, those on the pension receive 50% of every dollar they earn above $284 to a maximum of $2,877.60 a month for a couple. Currently you receive $1,296.80 for a couple per fortnight. An additional $1,000 a month would give you $284 + $358 or an extra $642 a month on top of the pension. This small amount can make a significant difference to your lifestyle.

It makes sense to build some sort of residual income for retirement and you can do it without saving a fortune.

What About Health?

The statistics are clear. If you want to avoid ill health in later life, you better look after yourself and not rely on the medical system. Medications cause long term chronic illness, with each medication slowly damaging your immunity and poisoning your body. It you can avoid the medical system, do it!

Many look for another way, one that is non-toxic and provides the nutrients your body requires to repair itself and stay healthy. We have two proven technologies that can give you that good health into later years.

Activated Liquid Zeolite

This will clean up toxins in your body. Toxins are a major cause of ill health. They weaken immunity and leave your susceptible to disease. A strong immune system is your best chance at remaining healthy in advancing years.


The second product is one that fully supports your immune system with carefully targeted nutrients from a number of medicinal mushrooms. Combined with Zeolite it will keep your bowel healthy and allow your immune system to keep you in good health.

These two products produce real results and are reasonably priced.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, as I am in my 63rd year, I am in a position where I have prepared for the time when I no longer work for a living. I have no superannuation to speak of, and the thought of saving $700,000 is daunting if not fanciful. What I do have is around $3,000 a month in residual income from talking to people about health products such as those above. I am passionate about the fact that if we take responsibility and do right action, we can maintain a healthy lifestyle into later years.

If I had super at 2%, my $36,000 a year residual income would be equivalent to $1.8m in the bank a today’s interest rates.

What About You?

If you have a passion for seeing people avoid disability in later life and understand that supporting the body is better then drugging it, this might be something of interest to you. I can show you how to do it, and work with you one on one to get you started. It takes vision, effort and persistence. There are many ways to do this, and I know some great and perhaps unusual ways to be successful. I am not one to cold call or approach people, and I have not had to do that.

We have prepared some videos explaining the need for our technology, how you can generate income, and how we can assist you. This is proven technology that not too many people know about and the opportunity is wide open. You just have to educate people about it.

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This series is for those looking at Waiora as a business.

What is your Passion?

It is well known that when you are engaged in something you are passionate about, it shows. For one thing, you will live longer and be healthy if you can sustain your life doing what you love, rather than what you have to.

There is a growing movement towards ways to maintain wellness, rather than cure disease, and many are becoming wise to the fact that the “health system” is not geared to improving your vitality, but repairing the damage. It is a floored model at best.

Realistically, if you are not aware that there are better ways to maintain great health than those advertised on TV. These days, health insurance companies pay lip service to wellness programs, offering B grade supplementation backed by advertising campaigns using celebrities. It is little wonder many are disillusioned. There is definitely a conspiracy to move those who stray back into mainstream medicine. This is achieved by reducing potency of products so they are simply not as effective as they could be.

Into this void comes companies like Waiora. They have produced a couple of outstanding products that address the real needs of a wellness program, namely the twin evils of a weakened immune system and the invasion of environmental toxins. You don’t have to look very far to see that autoimmune diseases are an increasing concern, and almost everyone now accepts we live on a toxic planet.

Having been involved in this mission of explaining that there is hope, and there are simple ways to boost immunity and get toxins out of the body, for over 9 years, I can tell you that this is a sustainable business backed by Science and personal experience. We have an important message to tell the world, or at least those who will listen.

I am proposing to assist you to create a permanent residual income. It may not be the life of a millionaire, but it can provide a retirement legacy income of $1,000 to whatever you can create coming into your bank account every month. At today’s interest rates, even $1,000 a month is the equivalent of an investment of $600,000. If you can’t see yourself saving that amount of cash, I would think you can see shy I am doing this for my financial future.

To get you into the swing of this, here is a video of Mickey Dillon. I know he is showing off a bit, but he is dedicated to our mission, works personally with me and will help anyone else who steps up to the plate.

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There Are Many Products Out There, So Why This one?

Our flagship product, Natural Cellular Defense appeared back in 2005, just over 10 years ago. At the time, there was a buzz around and thousands started receiving the benefits of detoxing their bodies of Heavy Metals.

This means there are many long term users who wouldn’t do without it. 10 years later, the company is still strong and poised to continue well into the future.

NCD simply takes out of the body the stuff that is not supposed to be there! It removes what inhibits our natural immune defense, and what messes with our very DNA. In this short video, biochemist Rik Deitsch, talks about the major issue facing humanity and how Natural Cellular Defense offers a real solution.

The above video provides an overview of the problem we face. In this second video of 3 minutes, Rik gives a more detailed explanation of Natural Cellular Defense, and why it helps solve the problem.


The Science Of Natural Cellular Defense

In our next message we will give you access to thousands of personal success stories from those who have used this product as part of their wellness plan.


Message 3

Real Stories From Real People

When looking at a business of this type, it is based on storytelling. The sheer volume of positive energy expressed in stories makes all the difference. At there are thousands of stories of success from people who used NCD to improve their health.

On a reward trip to Los Vegas a few years ago, I met Rodney Lay. Rodney is a country music legend and is still recording in Nashville. In 2006 he was stricken with cancer and the medical prognosis was that he had little time left to live. 9 years later, Rodney is doing great. In the short video below, Rodney tells his story.

While Rodney’s story is something special, we have assembled some more video stories from those who have benefited from NCD. You can find them at

For those of you from Australia, one of my good friends Deborah from Perth shares her experience after using NCD liquid zeolite.

Are you getting excited yet? I know I was when I heard about this technology and what it can do for people. This is what drove me to get involved with this company.

Tomorrow we will talk about the other amazing product, Megadefense.


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Protect your health and vitality by fortifying your natural immunity.

While remove toxins from the body can literally produce health miracles, ongoing maintenance is an important part of any program. Three years ago, Rik Deitsch, working with experts on immunity, produced a second product, Megadefense. This is something we take daily and has the ability to reduce illness to almost zero. When you understand it supports all 260 classes of immune cells, and that I know of no other product formulated to do this, you will get why we are so excited to share this too.

Again, hear Rik talk about Megadefense.

The prestigious Harvard Medical School, in an article on immunity stated that it was very difficult to give the immune system everything it needs to thrive. Well, with Megadefense, the issue is solved. You can find a number of person stories form those who have used Megadefense at As for me, I use it every day and no longer get colds and flu.


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Let’s Talk Business

Waiora as a company uses referral marketing as a means for everyone to prosper. This means that when you introduce others to sue the products, you get an income from everything they purchase, even if they buy direct from the company. Better still, as your recruits introduce others to the products, you get paid on what they purchase as well. Over time this can build into a substantial business with you being paid 5-6% of the price of every product purchased in your organisation.

When you introduce someone to the business, you get a nice one off bonus of $135 or $270 depending on their entry level. In addition you receive $20 or more from every new customer that registers directly under you. There are retail bonuses for those who purchase through your website.

There are other incentives including additional bonuses as your business grows. It doesn’t take too much effort to build your monthly income up to $1,000 or more, and we will help you in many practical ways.

The most important thing is that people will keep using the products. It is a matter of building influence and keeping in touch. It is that simple.

In our next email, we will talk about how to build your Waiora business.

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Building The Business

When I first heard about this type of business, I was told to go out and grab friends and family and share the information on how much money I was going to make. A few months later, I realised no one was that interested in my success, they were more interested in theirs.

The second thing I realised is that people were passionate about sharing information that could positively change the lives of those they met. The reward of seeing someone’ health improve because they listened to you is something that is priceless.

When I joined Waiora, I was already a seasoned campaigner, having achieved success in several companies. My success always centred around helping people to enhance their lifestyle. I reckon I have done everything you can imagine in this industry, some worked while others didn’t. This is my contribution to the business. You can use my success plan as a basis to yours as you develop your unique operating system.

Here are some ideas that I have used, and that you can duplicate, to build your circle of influence and business.

It Is Easy To Find Contacts

Did you hear that! If you go about it the right way, you can find any number of people who will listen to what you share passionately. You can build this business by doing what you normally do. Go to the Hair Dresser, Dentist, Doctor, Auto Mechanic, Corner store, Neighbourhood Centre, etc. Just get involved with community. When you are paying someone for their time you have a captive audience and they will listen to you. You can play your favourite sport or join a gym, and share it with other members you meet. Honestly, just getting out of the house and taking to people is the easiest way to get customers and consequently new team members.


I prefer to use a marketing system to process my prospects. This series of emails is one you can use to influence those interested in the business. The beauty of this is that you can formulate a series of messages to answer their questions and get them excited. They are not under any obligation, and you tell them if they are interested to simply visit a web site and leave their name and you will be in contact.

Over the last 9 years I have built up my presence on line as well. My youtube videos are near the top of the search engine for “liquid Zeolite”. I can teach you how to find prospects on line to add to your personal contacts. Remember, most of the work is automated. Your job is to introduce people to the information stream.

I know this may seem too simple for most people, but this is all you need to do. Just follow this, and do it often.

At the very least, it will encourage you to do more things, visit more places and meet new people! Above all, remember to have fun with it.

Message 6

What Does This All Mean?

We hope we have shown you a way to create a permanent legacy income here. Companies in this industry have been in business for more than 50 years, so it is not something that will fold quickly. It is a real business, providing you build it in a solid manner.

We have shown you haw even a small monthly income can be the same as saving a fortune and investing it, with little risk and everything to gain.

You have learned of some incredible wellness technology that you would benefit from, even if you decide not to join us. The fact is anyone would benefit from NCD and Megadefense.

We have shared success stories as well. Some I think will move you. When I think of Rodney and Deborah and how Waiora has transformed their lives, I get goose bumps.

You have a few options from here.

  1. Get involved and start sharing right away.
  2. Purchase some products and see how great they are for your own wellness.
  3. Go further into the science by visiting
  4. Go and work for the next 40 years to build enough super to retire on.

Thank you for listening to us. We await your response.


  1. Could you please eilpaxn why are you suing Waiora? I bought 3 bottles of waiora natural defense,zeolite, and I have been taking them. Is there any problem with that?Thank you.

    • John Gaydon says:

      I am not suing Waiora. I still use the products and NCD2 is fabulous for all kinds of things. It keeps me fit and healthy.

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