Why Am I Sitting On The Beach At Hamilton Island?

As we relax in our 14th story hotel room on luxurious Hamilton Island, it is once again a time to reflect on the great things of Network marketing.

John Gaydon relaxing on a reward trip.

John Gaydon relaxing on a reward trip.

Here I am at Sails restaurant overlooking the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. This is truly paradise on earth!

We won this trip, the 4th with one of the networking companies I represent, purely on business gained from the internet! It is the result of distributors and customers added using some of the techniques I have developed over the last 5 years.

Five years ago, I was considering my future with this company. My income had dwindled to almost nothing and my garage was filling up with product! Something had to change.

As selling my monthly regular order of 6 bottles of a product I could only use one of just wasn’t happening, I decided that even if I lost money on sales, it was better than throwing outdated product away! I put together a web page and started a PPC campaign.

The first few months, sales were very slow. I didn’t recoup advertising costs, but I sold enough product to cover my ads, if you didn’t include the product cost. I had a bit more in my pocket!

I kept going and started refining my ads and web page. I did some testing. Well, after 5 months, things started to change. At one stage my monthly income from this reached over $4,000 in commission and I had several networkers join my team just from that google ad and web page. That is the reason we are at Hamilton Island. We regularly appear on the top 10 volume distributors and top 10 enrollers in the company.

Readers of this blog will know that I have developed my Multilevel Marketing Customer Acquisition System, designed to market MLM products on the internet. I have used this with several products from several companies with great success. My personal result is a total of 17 reward trips to exotic places paid for by 3 different Network Marketing companies in the last 6 years! This product is nearing completion as I add the finishing touches with some of the latest information I have learned about internet marketing. This came from blood, sweat and tears, following a number of “Gurus.” Some of their ideas worked, and many didn’t, at least in this field. I can only recommend what work for me. I know they can work for you too. Of all of the other myriad of ideas, many didn’t work for me and some I really can’t comment on.

More recently, I realised that like it or not, getting a constant stream of customers is only part of the answer. To stay successful in MLM, we need to continuously bring on new distributors. As a result, I am now laser focusing my efforts on a system to achieve just that. The Lead Generation Domination System, soon to be released, enables anyone to build a lead list. I show you how to make a profit generating your own leads, and how to ramp the system up to get as many leads as you like! This is a very exciting project.

So watch for more information in the next few weeks. There are two ways you can guarantee to get notification of this new program. You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog, or fill out the “Come Fly With Me” form so you will receive notification when the system is released.

I expect this to go viral, and using my methods, simply enrolling 10 people in the program could net you $650 or more.

I will let you in on one more secret. The cost is nowhere near $650! It will be below $60. The best part is, no monthly fees. You pay once and that’s it.

Oh well, back to the beach!


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