Call Me Crazy!

John here, and today I want to share something that is important to me right now! You see, I have been on line for over 10 years, and making money for the last 5.

I am sure you have seen all the sales letters and emails. A few people are making millions, while the rest of us seem to be losing the game. That’s right, the old strategies are just not working as well as they used to.

I have watched my income slowly decline, as the drop in ppc traffic hasn’t so far been taken up by other methods. I clearly need to make some changes.

When You Have Problem – Take Action

It is very clear to me that becoming an authority figure is where it is at. That means being a leader in your niche, and then connecting with hoards of people of like mind. As they soak up your content, they will follow your recommendations and your income will build. In essence, with the right approach, it is the numbers that will start pushing your cash flow in the right direction. What do I do, I take action and start exploring new ways to operate. At 58, I am still innovative, and looking forward to the future.

Over the last few months, I have purchased a number of courses. They include Video Easy Player, which I now use for my videos, Jonathon Budd’s MLM launch formula, which so far hasn’t yielded me much, Ryan Deiss’s Video Sales Letter Generator, another which didn’t really work so far. Why would I get these results, when it appears all of this amazing new stuff works. After all everyone uses video sales letters now.

I Haven’t Blown My Trumpet Enough!

Back 4 years ago, I took a risk. I enrolled in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring and Traffic Formula. This was Mike’s first major offering on the internet. He is now listed as making over $865,000 a month. Why, because he has positioned himself as the go to man for Network Marketing! Every time I get stuck, I invest in some new learning. Heck, Mike says he spends thousands a month on new training to keep up with what is happening. I recognize, I need to 0udate myself and get with the new paradigm. That paradigm is Social Networking. Get with it or get left behind!

Do You Want To Create An On Line Empire?

There is no doubt that properly constructed, the internet can connect you with millions of people. I have several high SEO rankings, 10 people join my lists every day, around 200 a day visit my blogs. Recently I joined the Tribe Syndication Association, a very clever idea where a group of people syndicate each other’s content and leave real comments on blogs. This is only new to me, but already it is starting to take traction and my personal blog (this one) is starting to receive more traffic. TSA is free, and over 2 weeks you get great instruction on how to approach Social Media. Honestly, this is better training than the courses I have paid for, and I am connecting with some great new friends. When they announced a training course, I thought about it for a while, then jumped in! You see, business today is all about connections. With enough connections, and the right content, anything is possible. Again, I repeat, to get to a high level of success, you need to establish yourself as the go to person, like Mike Dillard and others.

What Can You Do?

Tribe Domination, the new and first offering from this group, is available until September 29 only. If you are serious about growing your on line presence to the next level, I suggest you enroll. These guys know what they are doing. I am seeing results after just 2 weeks, and I suggest you take a risk and at least have a look at this program. Click on Tribe Domination right now and check it out. I am telling you, this is the next step to stay ahead of the crowd. That’s why I am doing this, and I would love to start syndicating with you, and working together in a mastermind group as we move forward.

One More thing

If this isn’t enough already to get you salivating, I am happy to give you some bonuses. Simply purchase Tribe domination through my affiliate link and then email me once you are in. If you don’t have it already, I will give you access to my MLM Customer Acquisition system, detailing many ways to build your presence on line and gain top SEO rankings, and Lead Generation domination, a new program designed to help you build a lead list for your business.

My second bonus is membership of a club, working with me, to develop your presence in a mastermind group. Together we will develop strategies to make you successful. It works for me to have peers to consult with, and it will work for you. You get to tap into my expertise, and we all grow. This is what people are looking for and you never find anywhere, a mentor that will spend time with you. I am dong this because I believe that I am now poised to really increase my success, and I am more than happy to share what I learn with those who come on the journey with me.

OK, that’s it from me. The amount of income you make on line is directly proportional to how much people see you as a leader. You build that reputation through content and connections. Tribe Domination is designed to give you the skills to get into the fast lane and start reaping rewards. We just won another trip to Las Vegas yesterday, so I can assure you those rewards are real! Please do yourself a favour and go and enroll or at least check out Tribe Domination before the doors close in a few days time. You won’t regret it, and of course they back it all with a guarantee.

I look forward to moving to the next level with you alongside me. Remember, do something or get left behind.

John Gaydon

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