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To pay off the mortgage a bit faster, and get some Super behind me, I have taken a part time job in the insurance industry.

Anyone who knows about sales will be aware that they are the best sales training companies around, so it is exposing me to cutting edge sales techniques. Fortunately, I can apply these to my Waiora business.

The essence of good sales these days is a fairly simple process. Actually carrying out these steps is not so easy.

Steps For Success

Basically this is what you do.

  1. Build Rapport. Start a conversation and look for common ground. When you find something they are good at, and you have some specialised knowledge, ask questions, listen, and tell them how great they are. This does not mean lying to them. It means finding out what they do well and then reinforcing how amazing they are. They will start to feel they know you and comfortable. People buy off friends, not strangers.
  2. Uncover Their Needs. We talk about needs and wants. They will ring and say, “I want some Zeolite”. I will ask, “First, can you tell me why so I can recommend the right amount for you”. You could say, “What brought you to want to try Zeolite?” I suggest you make up your own phrase that will draw information about their situation. As you listen and ask more questions drilling down to their real reason for calling, you will discover why they need it, and probably other products they should add to their order.
  3. Features And Benefits. At this stage you know about them, and they are feeling you are an expert in their situation because you listened to their concerns and uncovered their needs. Tell them about your products in terms of what they will do for them. How will they feel after using them? What can they expect to change in their lives as a result? You can tie in what the product actually does. Our Liquid Zeolite will remove the toxins that are making you sick from your body so that you can get relief from the chronic pain you have been experiencing. You could say, “Liquid Zeolite balances pH and removes heavy metals, and you will be amazed how much more energy this can give you”. What you can’t do is refer to any particular disease and claim that the product will cure it, even if you believe it can. By law only Doctors and Health professionals can do that. Be very careful with this, because if something goes wrong after they use the product, even if Zeolite has nothing to do with it, you could end up in trouble. You can explain that you are not a trained health professional and are not permitted to make disease claims. This works really well as most people know this. I often quote Scientific research that backs up my statements that it removes heavy metals safely. Most, if not all, competitive products simply won’t supply this information.
  4. Ask For The Order. Once you have established that this product will help them, determine how much you recommend and then work out a package. 1 bottle a month for maintenance, 3 for a detox, and 6 if you are in a serious situation and looking for fast results. If they are thinking about the business, I would offer a Pacesetter or Premier Pack. For someone who has a long term need, I would first suggest they purchase enough for 6 months or even a year, A Pacesetter will help a really sick person for 3 months or a detox program for 6 months. The reason is that they don’t want to run out in the middle of their detox due to shipping delays from the US.
  5. Negotiation. At this point they are ready to buy. Tell them the retail price and then offer a discount if they become a member. A Pacesetter or Premier means they save the member fee, and by purchasing more in their initial order, they save on postage too. It is better to start at premier and then come down until they feel they can comfortably afford a pack than to start with 1 bottle and move up. Offer Megadefense to help support their immune system once you have established the best pack of NCD.
  6. Complete the transaction. You can direct them to your mywaiora web site and take them through the order process, or do it for them while they are on the phone. Either way works well. It is important to close the sale while they are on the call. If you don’t someone else will get the order almost certainly.

How To Use This Information

When we do sales training, we practise these steps until we are fluid with them and they become second nature. This is an outline, and obviously there is a lot of skill involved with delivering all of this and being yourself. Top sales people can do that. They use their own life skills and experience, start a conversation with the other person, and then within that conversation address each of the items in the list above. This not a way of manipulating anyone, it is simply making sure they get what they need, rather than what they want.

You can practise on friends, family, or team members. The more you do this, the easier it gets. Once you get it, you will feel great after every phone call. It is worth the effort to master the technique.

The object here is to make sure no one misses out on the amazing benefits of NCD because you talked them out of it on the phone. Personally, I am always seeking improvement in everything I do, and I am pretty good at all this these days.

Very soon I will be starting monthly business meetings which will include detailed training no how to grow your Waiora business. To participate, you just need to be part of our Waiora team. Email to find out more.

Success is yours with an amazing product that produces consistent results, and the ability to convey the message so that your contacts are confident they are getting what they need to live a better life. The result for you is a regular additional income every month to enhance your lifestyle.

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