Is A Helicopter Pilot Better Off Than A Network Marketer?

Network Marketing Or Flying – You Choose.

Recently, my brother in law took us for a ride over Sydney harbour in a chopper. Jim gained his Pilot’s license a few months ago after 3 gruelling years and over $30,000 in expenses. He is a wonderful pilot and the ride was smooth as silk.

I asked him, now he is fully qualified, what happens next? Basically, when you get your pilot’s license you are allowed to clean the copters, sweep the floors and make coffee for free for the staff at the base and charter customers. Because pilots need certain flying time to progress to the next level and maintain their license, the payoff is that you get to do some charter flights with paying customers.

Of course, as a new pilot, you don’t get paid for this, just notch up a few flying hours! Jim told me that the same applies in many glamour industries. Musicians rarely make any money and there are thousands of struggling actors. Even Airline Pilots fly for free until they get their commercial license. As for helicopters, unless you are very lucky your best option to earn money is to work for free for another 5 years to notch up sufficient hours to do an instructors course, outlaying $25,000 more.

Now Let’s See, What Happens With Network Marketing?

Let’s address the downside first. You have no way of knowing if anyone will buy your products, or listen to you as you explain how you are going to leverage your way to extreme wealth. Well, as a pilot you do know that it will be a few years before you get paid anything – guaranteed.

In MLM, you usually have to spend $100 or so a month to maintain your position. Flying, you spend 3 or 4 days a month cleaning. In most professions there is considerable investment in training, practice and equipment. For MLM you need a phone which everyone already has.

The Good Part

With no further investment, except sweat and tears, or some advertising, your network starts to grow. You are forced to grow as a person with it, and gain a myriad of life skills that can be applied to any other business. If you apply yourself, it won’t be too long before your monthly expense is covered.

The sky really is the limit to which you can grow your business. Maintaining a positive can do attitude and infecting that into your team of warriors, they start to experience success and cover their costs too. Once you work this through a few levels of sponsorship, your income starts to become a living. All this can happen much faster than the 8 years it takes to become a Helicopter Instructor, and you don’t have a $55,000 debt to show for it.

My Philosophy

I decided some time ago, I didn’t want to work for a boss and I didn’t want to be tied to a business premises. My second consideration was that I wanted to leverage anything I did. That means working once and being paid over and over again!

As it turns out, Network Marketing meets those requirements. I have very low overheads, ability to work anywhere I wish, and no rent to pay! In effect it is a low cost, highly profitable venture. Even if you make $1,000 a month and your outlay is $100 it is a 10 times return on capital. Tell me where you can get those sort of returns.


Well, as you can see, flying a helicopter, while glamorous, isn’t necessarily a path to riches. Whatever you are doing it makes sense to add some leveraged income, and Network Marketing is one of the best, low cost options to achieve that goal.

Helicopter Photos

If you would like to view more pics from the Helicopter ride and see the magnificence of Sydney, click here.


  1. Love it, John. I’m on my way to success in internet marketing. I really appreciate this post – it’s uplifting from the Fly Like an Eagle guy. Gotta run, as my battery is running down in this restaurant with no outlets.

  2. I love the analogy. Yes there really is no residual income for flying a helicopter, but the process of internet marketing and being a pilot has quite a lot of similarities – most especially on how you dedicate yourself to learn, to do things right, and to become successful. Thanks for this post!

  3. Hi John,
    I really like the way you made a comparison between internet marketing and being a pilot. Yes, I agree that there is no residual income for a pilot, but the process that a pilot and an internet marketer goes through is very similar….especially the effort, money, and time. I like this post because it came from your personal experience. Both professions require a huge commitment and passion for success. There are many people who would rather get a j o b because they wouldn’t spend the time without compensation. They don’t understand that the sacrifice is ultimately worth their freedom and fulfilling their passion. Thanks for sharing!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..What Should You Give Up To Be Happy?My Profile

  4. There is no comparison to building a network marketing business…

    There is no residual back end for a pilot…

    Tom Bradley recently posted..Brian Fanale Reveals Copywriting Secrets At No Excuses Summit 3My Profile

  5. John,

    For those of us who LOVE flying it makes sense. 😉 However, there is no comparison between the two for ease of entry and potential of income. Pure and simple.

    PS I’d rather be flying!
    Rick Lelchuk recently posted..What Is It You Really Want?My Profile

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