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john gaydon mlm waioraMy earlier article looked at essentials to success in this industry. They are quite simple really, and it is a matter of applying these consistently to get your business growing.

Once you have a team, there are a few more requirements to grow your organisation to significant size. Adding these activities to your schedule w*+-ill make a difference and may be the determining factor in your long term success. I have stopped and started a few times in my career. When I stopped these activities, it was devastating. Consistently applying them has resulted in steady and sometimes spectacular growth.

Traditional Sales And Marketing

Strangely enough, many of us know how to build a business from the corporate world, yet fail to apply the same principles to our own business. Any sales organisation is made up of a team of individuals working toward a common goal. Each team member maximises their income and the whole team creates the income to pay a decent compensation to everyone. Top performers earn more than those who drift along. Those who don’t perform are sacked!

In a typical sales organisation you would have at least

  • Daily contact from your team leader
  • Monthly sales meeting

Daily Call

The daily call is one to spot any challenges you are experiencing, focus on how you are doing to achieve your goals, and energise you to keep focused. As a leader, your passion, commitment to reliable methods and encouragement mean everything to the success of your team. If you spend your time whining about company problems you will lose them. Talk about the possibilities that await them as they grow their business and they will stay and get to work.

When you spot items that need attention, go get the answers as quickly as possible. Agree on a course of action, set goals. Suggest they use you for three way calls, refer to resources, etc. This is not a way to admonish those who are not doing enough, although your time will be spent with those who take action and get results. The frequency of these calls is something you will arrange with your team members. It may be once a day, once a week, or less frequently. I chat with my top team leaders at least once a month. I can tell you it makes a difference!

Monthly Meeting

I would suggest that once a month you get your entire leadership team together for a conference. Get them to provide their achievements for the month, such as enrolments and leadership level obtained. Acknowledge any special achievements, bonuses reached, etc.

I would bring in a guest speaker. This could be a motivational speaker who has a book to sell, company representative, or top company leader. It always works to hear from those whoa re already at the top.

Personal Relationships

This business is built on the relationships between team members. I have met several (including myself) people who have stopped working the business because of conflicts with the company or their up line leadership. This only does you harm, but humans are humans. I stay where I am because I am confident of the people I am connected to. My team are there for the same reason. For long term success, you require long term business builders. Personal relationships keep them.

Why Is This Important?

In order to have a large business, it is necessary to have many generations of leaders. When you start in this industry, you usually see the circles presentation where you get two who get two, etc and pretty soon you have thousands.

The key to creating generations of leaders is what this article is about. I work with my leaders, and they work with theirs. Everyone seeks out a business partner or two and then keeps in touch with them as they develop. By all meant have a large team meeting once a month. Even so, as your business grows I would hold my own team meeting as well. Eventually this will mean your leaders think about running their own meetings.

Duplicate Or Die

Duplicate or die is the real difference between success and failure. Now you have some key ways to retain your team and help them be successful, what are you waiting for! Set some goals, work out an agenda for a personal chat and a monthly meeting agenda and get going.

I would call each team member who has personal activity and work out an agreed schedule to keep in touch. Stick to this and watch your organisation grow.

In fact, I am going to put all this plans back into action right now! They worked before and will work again. It is time to accelerate growth.

Please leave a comment and once you apply this information and experience success, let me know!


John Gaydon

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