Building Success In Network Marketing

I know I have written many articles on this subject, however, if you are looking to add a part time or full time Network Marketing income to whatever other means you have of generating money, taking on board what I have to say here will make all the difference to your success.


There is one overriding reason for success in this type of business, and that is your excitement and passion. No matter how much you are earning right now, it is important to see yourself where you want to be. That means feeling what kind of lifestyle that offers, acting like you are already there, and being very excited about your business.

From my perspective, it is a necessity for success. By your passion you are able to inspire others to go beyond their own limitations and generate new income and lifestyle beyond their dreams. When that happens, they will thank you for helping them, and your business will soar.

In other words, if you are not passionate about the products you are marketing, get out of the water and go sell something else! This is a bit harsh, but this will save you a lot of time. If you decide you are passionate about your products, as I am, and would like to be part of spreading the word far and wide, then you are ready to get going. Take your passion and excitement with you, and infuse it into every activity.

Share Your Story

We all have a reason for doing what we do. For some it is an amazing product experience, some like the Science or research, some have seen additional income, and some simply like the lifestyle. Whatever your reason, it is important to get your story together, and tell it over and over again with passion. If you don’t share your story, you will fail!

Talk To People

I am sorry, but this is network marketing. The word “work” is within the phrase. There are many ways to find people to talk to. Pick the ones that most suit your skills and personality and do them consistently

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t make a new contact of some sort. I have developed over time marketing systems that reach far and wide and from these I receive a steady trickle of enquiries, sales and new distributors. One important lesson from this is that even though I am high up the food chain now, I am still one of the top recruiters in my business. Many say, when you stop recruiting, your business stops growing.

Here are some of the ways you can find new customers or distributors.

  • People you meet. When you are out and about, you will talk to people. This can be at work, playing sport, at the supermarket, at clubs, family gatherings, etc. Each of us makes 100s of new contacts every year. Develop a question you can use to gauge people’s interest. For Waiora, “Are you aware that most people’s health is affected by invisible toxins in the environment”? If you receive a response of “Tell me more”, or “yes, I agree”, then you are able to offer some information if they are interested. Send them to a web site, hand out a CD, DVD, brochure, etc.
  • Presentations. There are many service clubs, chambers of commerce, etc, who are always short on guest speakers. Prepare a presentation on how toxins affect our lives, the importance of pH and how inflammation leads to disease. Tell your personal story and then invite them to look further into what you have to offer. This is not a place to hard sell. Explain the problem, accentuate it and make it urgent, then offer a solution. Again, have information on hand.
  • Network. There are many networking organisations you can either join, or be a guest at. Here you are exposed to dozens of new people who are interested in networking for mutual benefit. You never know who you will meet at these events. A great place to meet business people, some of whom may just get excited about the business you are sharing.
  • Advertise. This can be tricky, depending on what kind of products you have with your company. Health products are subject to a wide range of regulations in various countries. Using electronic media such as TV and Radio, or Newspapers and Magazines are usually subject to regulations these days. Make sure you comply with these. I find advertising information is the best way. These days, advertising a “Business Opportunity” often raises suspicion. For me it is better to sell your product first and then let people know that with such a fantastic product, what do you think will happen when you start telling everyone your story.
  • Internet marketing. There are a myriad of ways to spread the word via the internet. You can target Ads through Bing, Yahoo and Google, and a number of other advertising options. There are sponsored ads in Ezines or electronic magazines. You can produced articles and videos and spread them far and wide. As with traditional advertising, I find focusing on the technology you market works best. When Marketers and Networkers get what your products can do, they will be attracted to further investigate the business.

There are many more ways to find people to talk to and I will discuss this in a future article.

Training And Mentoring

Once you have some recruits, plug them into a training system. This can be a company or generic system. Be their guide and mentor and help them be successful. Encourage them to do what you do and success is a matter of time and persistence. It is likely that most of your recruits don’t work out. For me, everyone who has worked out has recruited hundreds, so the power of duplication makes up for the attrition. It is just how it is. Focus on success, not disappointment.

Where To From Here

In the end it is a matter of following these simple principles to build a successful business. Of course, there is a lot more detail to it, but if I were starting out, I would get my story straight and then go tell the world. This is what I did when I started and it has blossomed into some quite large organisations I now head.


  1. Hello; I need a Liquid Zeolites product to sell on my website is it available to buy at wholesale prices? Jim

  2. John,
    My team is transitioning our retail sales to direct sales in Australia. I would love to share with you this opportunity. Let ne know if I can send you a link with more information. My business partner will arrive in Sydney Monday then on to Melbourne. He would love to connect with you while he is there.

    • John Gaydon says:

      Hi Missy,

      Glad you are doing well. As for me, I am sticking with Waiora as they have amazing products and are a great company to work with. I have learned that to build a long term future it is necessary to find a place you feel comfortable with, and then stay loyal. It has been a difficult lesson, but one that is now paying dividends.

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