I Interview John Haremza, Top MLM Trainer

Recently, Business From Home, recognised as the authority for measuring success in the Network Marketing industry, published a member poll of the top MLM trainers. There are over 35,000 Network Marketing leaders who participate in this site. John Haremza featured in the top 35 trainers in this poll. John is the master distributor of Waiora, […]

Building Your Network Marketing Business Through The Internet

Since I joined Waiora back in 2006, I have built my business principally on line. Now I don’t recommend this, as it has its challenges, such as how to maintain touch with your team, but these days, if you have a product as powerful as Natural Cellular Defense, building a customer base using the internet, […]

Marketing Local Businesses

Over the last few years, everyone has discovered the internet. In the old days, it wasn’t so. I remember when you could blast an email list you purchased and get sales. Put in a landing page, and hundreds would fill in the form. It was easy to get your page ranked and simple too! Well, […]

What Happened To Google Places?

Local Search Marketing Comes Of Age These last few months I have been busy learning about Local Search Marketing. This is the process of getting business noticed in the local area and then driving qualified leads to them Do it right, and you can get paid handsomely for your services.     Google Places The […]

Real Estate Investment – Is It Better Than Network Marketing?

For many years, buying an investment property has been seen as the way to a secure retirement. Once you get your mortgage under control, you use your savings to acquire additional property and rent it out to help cover the mortgage. Then property values rise, and a few years later you sell your investment home […]

On Sunday I went Back To My Youth

Back to your youth, I hear you say. How can a 60 year old revert back to the days when he was young and crazy? Well, if you did some of the things I did back in those days, you might understand. The photo depicts our engine, 3642 built in 1928 in resplendent green livery. […]

Is A Helicopter Pilot Better Off Than A Network Marketer?

Network Marketing Or Flying – You Choose. Recently, my brother in law took us for a ride over Sydney harbour in a chopper. Jim gained his Pilot’s license a few months ago after 3 gruelling years and over $30,000 in expenses. He is a wonderful pilot and the ride was smooth as silk. I asked […]

Internet Marketing And The Death Urge

Hey, I am not talking about the death of Internet marketing here. This article is about marrying the principles of metaphysics with the skill of marketing on line. First Some Background It is hard to believe it was over 25 years ago that I was introduced to the concept of the death urge. It was […]

Karise Eden, Our Friend Stars In The Voice Australia

Many of us seek our 5 minutes in the spotlight, but few get the opportunity. Karise Eden of “The Voice”, is a girl we have known for a while who now has that chance. The Folk Club When we moved to the Central Coast many years ago, my wife, Linda dreamed of being a singer. […]

Would You Have Tom Cruise Over For Dinner

Warning: If You Eat Meat, You Won’t Want To Read This! There was a controversial TV ad in Australia where Naomi Watts playing a young girl, receives a phone call telling her she won a dinner with Tom cruise. As it turns out the family was having Roast Lamb for dinner, so she turned down […]