How will your life be in retirement?

In the western world, as populations age, one might think about the future and what income they will have to sustain a decent lifestyle once they finish work. There are three main issues here. Will I have enough money to live comfortably. When you finally stop working, you may have a pension or some sort […]

The Dilemma Of Retirement – Why Everyone Should Look At This

Yesterday, as Christmas approaches, the company I work for was kind enough to provide a new pilot program designed to support “mature” workers to map out their future. There are a number of lessons from this that I thought I would share with you. Very Important Information Many of the aspects discussed are those I […]

The Future Of Waiora

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have touched the life of another human being and given the gift of better health. Like it or not, once you lose your health, it is very difficult to pursue your life dreams and spend quality time on the planet. Only last night I was talking to […]

Why In The World Would You Do Network Marketing?

Recently, after many years working for myself, I needed to get a real job to supplement my income. Yes, that’s right, I earn a good living from my own business, but right now it is just not quite enough to pay all the bills and bring up a healthy 7 year old. The good news […]

Ruby Incentive Bonus

After 16 years in Network Marketing and over 7 years with Waiora, I know that receiving a regular residual income month after month makes my life a whole lot easier. While I love the income I receive month after month, it is the results I see from Waiora products that keeps me loyal to this […]

Building Success In Network Marketing

I know I have written many articles on this subject, however, if you are looking to add a part time or full time Network Marketing income to whatever other means you have of generating money, taking on board what I have to say here will make all the difference to your success. Passion There is […]

Expanding Your Network Marketing Business

My earlier article looked at essentials to success in this industry. They are quite simple really, and it is a matter of applying these consistently to get your business growing. Once you have a team, there are a few more requirements to grow your organisation to significant size. Adding these activities to your schedule w*+-ill […]

Meeting People’s Needs

To pay off the mortgage a bit faster, and get some Super behind me, I have taken a part time job in the insurance industry. Anyone who knows about sales will be aware that they are the best sales training companies around, so it is exposing me to cutting edge sales techniques. Fortunately, I can […]

A New Internet Marketing Superstar Is Born

OK, he is not a household name yet, but a young friend of mine has proven the effectiveness of article marketing as a way to build influence and an income. Gavin is not one to bragg, although it is his surname, but over the last few weeks I have seen some amazing results through marketing […]

Raising Consciousness In The New Millenium

In 1986 my life encountered a major turn which has defined me ever since. After attending a weekend seminar and a series of rebirthing sessions, I saw the world from a totally different perspective. Now I am a practical man, having been a technical expert all my life, but I saw things differently after this […]