Introducing John

John Gaydon B. Bus has a bachelor of Business from Newcastle University in Australia, specializing in Small Business Development and Marketing. He started working for himself in 1987 and has not had a “JOB”since June 2002, when he was retrenched for the second time.

In the early days, John conducted seimars and weekend workshops on Prosperity and Spirituality, using the “Celestine Prophecy” as a guide. He did this because this book read like his own life experience.

Along the way, John organised major festivals throughout Australia with multiple speakers lecturing in areas on Personal Development, The Environment, Natural Health, and Spirituality. These came from a deep conviction gained through his years studying Personal Development that when we follow our heart everything in life is attainable.

John joined the Network Marketing Industry part time in 1997, and Started working on the Internet in 1999 constructing a training site for his team. He studied with many fo the early Internet Gurus including Corel Rudel, and the pioneers of MLM lead generation such as Doug Firebaugh, Dave Le Duc and many others.

in 2005, John launched his first product on line, following a revelation in a meditation. He built his first “Sales”funnel following a course he purchased. In a few short months, the sales were coming in. Then he applied his knowledge to the MLM world, improving his skills through studies with Mike Dillard and Armnd Morin.

In 2006, John and his wife, Linda had their first child, Skye. This changed everything, and John moved his network marketing operations on line. Since that time, John developed his own marketing systems using attraction marketing and waits for people to contact him to join his networks or purchase products.

Since that time, John has earned over $307,000 in Network Marketing commission and sold over $271,000 worth of products using the internet to find customers. He ahs been a top performer for 3 different Network Marketing companies, earning 11 overseas, and 8 domestic reward trips.

More recently, John has put his extensive knowledge together in his Multi Level Marketing Customer Acquisition System. This is a step by step blueprint to marketing MLM products on line as a way to build a business. It is based on the prinicple that most people join a Network Marketing business because they like the products and leave because they don’t make any money! Now you can create customers at will, this is no longer an issue!

Why not subscribe to this site, and get a free coply of John’s book, “Life Mastery – how to achieve it”where you cna learn about John’s philosophy and maybe some ways to assist you to live the life of your dreams.